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I’m Highly, Highly Disappointed

Actress Lindsay Lohan surrenders in court to begin serving a 90-day jail term for violation of probation in Beverly Hills, California on July 20, 2010. UPI/Al Seib/Pool Photo via Newscom

And yes, there actually is a pun intended somewhere in there.

I’m, you know, coming down off of my Lindsay Goes to Jail high from yesterday and I woke up this morning like it was the day after Christmas, the bottom having all but dropped out on life.  Situations were dour, guys.

I began scouring the internet to see if Lindsay had dropped off the tabloid radar (and how ’bout that mugshot!), and alas, I was not disappointed: it turns out that Lindsay’s drug habits that put her in jail are continuing while in jail. And now I am crushed for real.

It seems that the courts are allowing her to continue taking both Adderall (for her ADHD) and Ambien (for her restless nights, I guess) while she’s incarcerated. I mean, it’s a bonus because she’s not going to be able to take the five and six at a time like she was probably accustomed to, so it’s a step in the right direction, but …

I don’t know, man. I’m not educated enough on prison life to know whether or not “luxury” drugs like Adderall and Ambien would (or should!) normally be allowed — one wouldn’t think so; I mean, if she were on fucking nitroglycerin tabs for a leaky valve or something, I could see the resolute necessity.  Necessity.

But you know, what did they do back in the day when someone was a high-strung person? They sure as fuck didn’t give them Adderall in the 1800s. And when someone couldn’t sleep? A pharmaceutical cocktail? I think not. LUXURY DRUGS. And count me kind of disappointed.

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  • You can’t just stop taking these sorts of meds. At the very least she has to be weened off of them. They can’t just yank them from her. Even if it is jail. Even if she did fuck up. Even if she did have a problem. Just pulling someone off of these meds can cause a long, stressful period of withdrawal not unlike that of hardcore drugs.

    • they should have snatched her drugs away from her and said “bitch this is jail” ween her off meds my ass, she’s in jail for a reason, and no one else in jail would have those privelages under normal circumstances

  • I agree with you scout but I must say that I’m not surprised in the slightest. I knew Lindsay was going to get special treatment in the slammer. Did anyone see on E! news the story they did about the conditions she will be under? HIGHLY DOUBTFUL! She will be getting all sorts of things handed to her. And all of the sudden she might be out in 13 days? I knew this was all a big joke.

  • What did they do in the 1800s? Strap them to the beds in otal seclusion. Put them in straight-jackets. Much better.

  • You’re all idiots! Boo fuckin’ hoo – the little spoiled girl doesn’t want to go without her daily speed and then nightly downer….you must be fucking joking me!?!?! These are not drugs that will cause any type of symptomatic or dangerous withdrawals, idiots! Now, if the girl was hooked on barbiturates, then I might agree with you! P.S. what does the little bitch need ADD meds for while in jail anyway?! What exactly is it that she needs to be focusing all of her attention and energy on? If you ask me, the girl needs 23 days of sobreity behind bars so she can get a realistic view of where her life is headed. You bleeding hearts are the fucking problem – let this girl feel some real consequences….which will not include her fucking meds that serve no purpose but to fuck her up!

    • You are repulsive…ugh…I can feel the nasties coming right off you.

      I doubt Reno here has ever had to deal with actually coming off a RX drug. I can speak from personal experience that if you don’t wean your self off these types of prescriptions, it is Hell on earth.
      I unfortunately had to stop taking s prescription abruptly after I was laid off my job a couple of years ago ( I couldn’t afford it without insurance ) It was horrible, I was shaking, cold, hot, sweating, sick to my stomach all the time, headaches….I thought I had somehow got stuck in Trainspotting, and that at any moment I was going to start hallucinating. Luckily I didn’t, but I guess that is also something that can happen. The point is, when you are on this type of medication (whether prescribed or not, junkies deserve the same type of care as anyone else, if not more, because addiction is a disease) you need to wean yourself off, and you need to do it with a doctors advice/supervision. Other wise you can end up in a whole lot more of a mess than where you started.

      • Purple monkeypaws, is it? I was perscribed 20 mg of Ritalin 3 times a day at the of 10. I spent the first month vomiting on the way to school, too spun out of mind to eat anything to soothe my stomach. By the time I was 17, I was take 120 to 140 mg of Ritalin a day just to function….it was rediculous. My freshman year of college, sick and tired of being desperately dependent on my meds, I flushed ’em. Went cold turkey, after 9 years. Ritalin and other mild amphetamine drugs are not going to kill you if you simply discontinue use. Eat right and get plenty of NATURAL sleep!!! And please Purple, enough fuckin’ bleeding-heart drama for this spoiled little princess. She has endangered innocent lives on countless times and what you’re concerned about is if Lindsay is getting her fucking speed and ambien when she’s finally suffering consequences?! Where the fuck are your priorities?!?!?

    • yep, boo fucking hoo for sure. bc her life is so hard right? too bad. anyone else wouldn’t get this treatment. she’s not that special.

  • “But you know, what did they do back in the day when someone was a high-strung person? They sure as fuck didn’t give them Adderall in the 1800s.”

    Sorry to nerd out on you, but the medicines they took for sleep and anxiety in the 19th century were just as bad, if not worse than what Lindsay’s taking now. Laudanum, a combo of opium and alcohol, was the Ambien of its day ( Mmmm, tasty!

    • I love to be nerded-out upon. It’s a great way to learn new things. :)

      That delightful concoction sounds intriguing. Laudanum. The name is so placid that it, in itself, could put you to sleep.

  • Totally aside from Lindsay Lohan, I think your characterization of ADHD/Anxiety medications is a bit short sighted.
    I teach special education. Drugs are often over or misused, but can be really life-altering for some kids. And from the perspective of being wary of looking at history through rose-colored glasses, many of my students would have been placed in orphanages or asylums in the 1880s; even as recently as the 1980s kids with disabilities that are now treated with some of these “luxury drugs,” would have been limited in their academic and social opportunities. Today, because of a more comprehensive view of educating children with disabilities that includes medication as a part of the plan kids have much more of a chance to excel.

    • I definitely don’t disagree with you on the validity of such drugs — but when you’re in jail for drug-related infractions, these types of “luxury drugs,” as I put it, should not be a part of the jail-time curriculum. I can imagine that Joe off the street, incarcerated for the same type of probation violation and continual drug use, would not be allowed his Adderall, or worse, his Ambien.

      • i’m quoting wikipedia here, for the convenience of copy-paste:
        “Abrupt withdrawal of zolpidem (*ambien) may cause delirium, seizures or other severe effects, especially if used for prolonged periods and at high dosages.[41][42][43]

        When drug tolerance and physical dependence to zolpidem has developed, treatment usually entails a gradual dose reduction over a period of months in order to minimise withdrawal symptoms”

        not to mention, you really aren’t one to decide what’s a “luxary” drug and what isn’t, sarah.

      • Heart medication to keep from dropping dead: necessity (to most).

        A sleeping pill because you can’t fall asleep at night (due to the copious amount of uppers that you consume in the daytime, in Lindsay’s case): luxury.

        Not to mention, most reputable physicians won’t even consider prescribing Ambien to a person with a questionable drug (or substance abuse) history, but hey. When you’re a celebrity, you get these “luxuries” that regular people generally don’t.

        I could continue, but it’s an easy enough rationale, to be honest.

      • again, i don’t think you’re in a position to decide which medication is a necessity and which isn’t.
        anyway, you didn’t refer to these medications as luxuries in lohans case specifically, you just called them luxury drugs, and that’s what i was criticizing.

        what else? you seriously think only celebrities get their doctors or pharmacists to prescribe them fishy stuff under fishy situations? there is only corruption or irresponsibility in the medicine world when celebrities are involved?

  • Okay everyone, calm down. As someone who was prescribed adderall for a number of years I would like to say that getting her off of it, for sobriety reasons, as well as sanity reasons is a very good call. It is amphetamine based and is very “speedy”. I would guess that she needs to take ambien because of the addreall. It is very hard to sleep at night when you take addreall. I had a doctor give me sleeping pills as well (to help with the “side effects”). But can I tell you what fixed it all…. when my significant other asked me to stop taking them for awhile , because I was not myself when I was on them. And so I did, and I have not looked back! I am happy, calm, settled, and I can sleep at the drop of a hat! I was on that medication for 7 years. It messed with my weight, my sleep and my sense of reality. I think she would do well with a break from it. (and yes detox is uncomfortable, but it will not kill you. I just stopped – and I was on a heavy dosage)

    Oh, and I don’t think a good nights sleep should be guaranteed in jail. I think staying awake all night worrying and fretting about being there, and what you have done to get there and where your life is going should be a part of it.

    That is all.

    p.s. Thanks for the helicopter wake up yesterday Linsday. It was a bit jarring at 7am, but I am glad you are news worthy, cause I think you are awesome. Now get it together girl! I am rooting for you.

  • She’s being indulged. If she were poor, there is no way she’d be getting nonessential drugs in jail.

    It’s too bad that no one, not even judges and jail staff, can control her substance abuse. But that’s a rich addict for you – there’ll always be someone who’s willing to make a buck off of your disease and some doctor to prescribe it (see Anna Nicole Smith, Elvis, Heath Ledger, Brittany Murphy, Michael Jackson…).

  • Oh, for God’s sake, last I knew, they gave guys in prison Viagra (actually they even gave HIV+ guys in prison Viagra). You really thought they’d take away her ADHD and insomnia pills? Even if they tried to take them away, her attorney could rightfully argue that these medications treat valid medical diagnoses. (Whether she had been taking them as directed or not on the outside is a WHOLE different matter.)

  • Eeeeeeeeenteresting. I guess if you’re a massive junkie you have to crash out in your first few days, why shouldn’t Lindsay?

    I suppose they consulted with doctors on this and blah blah.

    Here’s a thought. She’s a drunk driver. A DRUNK driver. She could have killed people. If she was a man, an older man, or even an ugly woman, it wouldn’t be this whole little girl led astray shtick.

    Sure she’s got problems, so do most criminals. Harden up, Lindsay.