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Honestly. WHO Goes Out in PUBLIC Like This?

I will admit freely, there are times when I leave the house to go grocery shopping in pajamas. Or if I want to run for an early-morning coffee and don’t feel like getting dressed up, I’ll throw on yoga pants and LEAVE THE HOUSE (GASP!!) MAKE UP-FREE. I am not ridiculously concerned with what I look like in public at all times, but goddamn. I would never (did I happen to mention, ‘never’?) ever leave the house looking like my head was attacked by a greasy duck-billed platypus. Come the fuck on.

So you probably don’t have to guess too hard to figure out which female celebrity wouldn’t bat an eye at looking like a bag of smashed assholes out in public. Just sayin’.

Take your guesses, hold your nose (busted weave probably stinks, too) and jump in to find out.

photo of britney spears leaving crate and barrel with ratty extensions and an orange tanktop

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  • She shaved her head years ago. Shouldn’t her hair be long enough now that she doesn’t need extensions? I mean, at the rate hair grows wouldn’t it be down to her chin, if not her shoulders?

  • I knew it was Britney the second I glanced at the photo. She has millions of dollars to get her shit together. She’s so trashy.

  • How can you brush your hair with those things in it? Wouldn’t it just tear out in clumps? I guess that’s why people who have these all the time end up with bald spots.

    I guess that Britney will never be “adult” enough to be responsible for herself, so Daddy will be pulling down big bucks managing his baby for years to come. After all, she can’t even brush her hair.