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Not a Good Look, Tiger. NAGL.

Tiger Woods can’t really afford any bad PR these days, but that doesn’t mean he’s keeping his name clean. At a recent tournament, Tiger missed an easy shot and wound up having to take another swing that he couldn’t afford. Because, you know, homebro can’t afford much of anything these days. Because he used all his money to keep his whores quiet and to make his wife feel better about ruining her life. You know? So he was really upset.

To deal with his anger, Tiger starts dropping F-bombs like they’re on sale. He must have said “fuck” eleven times in 20 seconds, which is pretty *fucking* impressive.

Anyway, do you think Tiger cries every day or just once in awhile when it hits him that he’s alone and broke and it’s his own doing?

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  • Hey, this is just Tiger being a “better man and a better player”. I guess he would have cursed 22 times in 20 seconds if he weren’t working so hard to be better.

  • I should have known Molls wrote this. Dude, he’s not even close to broke (he’s worth $500-$600 million, and has residuals, active endorsements, future tourneys, etc), and somehow you think he’s living in the poor house? Just another opinion-driven piece, which is fine, if your opinion was valid. Unfortunately, you’re just pulling shit out of nowhere on a slow news day to make a story.

  • Molls, really you are stupid. If you even watched golf for a minute and followed Tiger on tour, you would know he swears constantly. The cameras are on him everytime he has a bad swing, a bad putt. They constantly catch him with the mic. He is one of the heaviest fined golfers because of the swearing.

    Molls, you suck balls…and not Titleists.