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Let’s See What Kind of Diamond 90210 Money Can Buy

Late last month, Megan Fox wed her on-again-off-again boyfriend Brian Austin Green in a small ceremony. While the marriage itself seems like it’s going to be a horrible idea (don’t you think they kinda just got married to ‘get it over with’? Like, they somehow thought they’d stop breaking up if they finally got hitched?), the ring, which was just spotted yesterday, is pretty gorgeous.

Assuming that rock is real and Megan didn’t buy it for herself, it says a lot about BAG’s ability to scrimp and save. With that guy working as little as he does, you know he used some of his David Silver money to pay for that diamond.

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  • If that ring is real you know whats his name didn’t pay for it. When was the last time he worked? I am sure she bought it herself so she don’t have to run around Hollywood with some cigar band or gum wrappers linked together. This dude must be GREAT in the sack or something…..

    • right, because if he doesn’t have a ton of money and can’t buy her a nice ring, then the ABSOLUTELY ONLY reason she would want to marry him is because he’s good in bed. That makes total sense.

  • He was on 3 seasons of that terminator TV show with shirley manson from garbage (love her) so that should pull in some form of a paycheck.

    why does everyone have to hate on david silver? he is just tryin to hang with da cool kids…

  • He’s actually worked fairly steadily since 90210 wrapped… yes, mostly guest appearances and short lived tv series, but still working. Not all people in Hollywood just blow their paychecks on useless crap and extravagant purchases. Some people take responsibility and save their earnings. Give the guy some credit.

  • He was just on the Sarah Connor Chronicles, and he does guest spots and producing…as usual your research is spot-on.