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Mel Gibson’s Insane Racist Rant

We knew that this tape existed, but to hear it really brings the monster that is Mel Gibson to life. The above NSFW (and not safe for life) audio clip is of the actor tearing into his ex girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva about everything from how she’s probably poisoning her child with her breast milk to the size of her fake breasts and how her style of dress is probably going to get her raped. If this was a movie villain and not a real one, I’m thinking Mel could win an Oscar for this rant.

In a way I don’t know how it helps us to hear a tape like this. We should all already know that it’s inappropriate to speak to someone in this manner, and I don’t think it’s been a question for quite some time whether or not Mel Gibson is a goodhearted Christian (he so obviously is not.) I feel like all hearing a tape like this does is desensitize us to this kind of language. Remember how unshocking that Alec Baldwin voicemail was after you listened to it and laughed a few times?

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  • I tend to agree with you about the necessity (or lack of necessity) of hearing the tape. We all knew it was bad. I had seen partial transcripts in different places. The only place the actual tape needs to be heard is in court.
    I’m sure that very soon, if it hasn’t happened already, there will be a YouTube video with this as a sound track parodying the call and turning it into a joke. And I don’t this kind of behavior should be laughed at in any context.

    • I laugh my ass off every time I hear it. It’s almost as funny as the one with that other lying sack of shit, Joe Esterhas. I could actually listen to that one all day—“who wants to eat??…who the fuck wants to eat.??..”BWAHAHAHAHAH omg! –and then…”Hooray”! Classic stuff. It could even come with a laugh track, but I think it’s fine just as is.


  • This guy is gross, I wish I never have to hear about him again.
    There is nothing ‘christian’ about him, if I had to describe him I use ‘white trash’.
    I wish people didn’t watch his dumb racist films and make millions for this sorry excuse of a human being.

    • He hasn’t made any racist films, asshat. Don’t wanna’ hear about him? Throw out your computer, t.v. and stop reading anything. Problem solved. You’re welcome.

      Meanwhile, me, and a whole SHITLOAD of other people WILL watch his films. He’s done a lot of good things for other people & just because this Russian cunt whore sack of shit has lied about him doesn’t negate that.


      • youre right, you and the others are a load of shit..fact is gibosn is irrelevant and I dont need his movies nor anyone else’s movies to make my life worthwhile

  • So hateful. I can’t believe I was ever a fan of this person. What a jerk, he left his wife for her, and now he doesn’t like her. whatever.

  • I take issue with the last line of this post… who was laughing at a man verbally abusing his daughter?? I’m disturbed by that as I am by this.

    • Me. I was laughing my ass off and agreeing with him. His daughter was a little pig because the mother was a complete psycho bitch who poisoned the kid against him. He was right.

  • You feel that hearing this kind of tape doesn’t help, and desensitizes people to certain issues…so you post it…makes sense.

  • well, i think it helps because it proves he actually said it. i think we are all desensitized anyway, but if we can put ourselves in her shoes, and empathize by listening the hate we hear coming from his voice, it can only help.

    • The only thing I got out of it was “YOU GO, MEL!” HOO-RAH. I could NEVER put myself in the shoes of a starfucking streetwalker and there’s NO way I can empathize with anyone but Mel. He got fucked royally by her–the only one I LOATHE in this conversation is the Russian whore.

  • WOW!!!Mel you have totally lost it bro. For good. I don’t see how you can come back from this. You and Michael Richards have now joined the same club. You definitely have some sort of mental issues. What was it that attracted you to Oksana in the first place? You mean it wasn’t her fake boobs, or her pussy? Because it certainly couldn’t have been that face.

    someone please give this man a white jacket that ties in the back.

  • (in my best Beavis voice : ahem (clearing my throat)):”Seems like a perfectly nice guy to me!”.
    He sounds a bit like he’s over-acting. Not a happy camper and he
    spreads his unhappiness around quite a bit. Like a lotta people I know.

    ’nuff sed.

  • This is not real you can tell she is acting and this was a set up to hurt Mel. I think Mel is great and I support him. We all make mistakes. She’s not all that anyway, I agree with Mel.

    • I’m NOT his mom, but I support him 100% over this golddigging whore. She looks like an Angelina Jolie wannabe who went to a really bad chop shop for the surgery. TEAM MEL FOREVER.

  • She may have set this up to record it – but – he said what he said.

    Anyone who talks to another human being this way is out of control, is unstable and needs serious help – which he will never get.

    Racist idiot.

  • I heard the tape and he sounds insane. He needs psychiatric help and probably medication.

    No decent human talks to anyone like that. It didn’t even make sense.

  • Hey I’m all for Mel.. if he doesn’t like something he sees in someone then damn tell ppl how you feel. Most hold back and let their bf’s/gf’s do w/e they want but I give props for this guy showin her the door and tellin her how much of a dime-bag whore she is for doing what she did. Any woman that dresses skanky and gets implants is a pathetic excuse for a human being and shouldn’t deserve someone like Mel. Racist part was a lil uncalled for but he’s right, dressing like that will attract nignogs from all over the hemisphere.. and mexicans

    • SAME HERE. And I’m a female. I’m tired of this politically correct shit that you can’t call a whore a whore. Yeah–the racist thing—not good. But her being a whore—ACCURATE.

  • First of all, you guys, whoever said Mel was a christian person. Just because he made a movie about Christ does not mean he is a christian. Let’s leave the christianity part out. Also, it is obvious to me that the whole phone thing was a set up by her. You can tell by the fact that she doesn’t have much to say. If it wasn’t set up, she woud have been giving back as good as he did.

    Now, let’s face it people, Mel is a really really good actor. You can’t dis him on that. Don’t like the racist part of the message or the insults, but let’s all grow up. What do you expect of 90% of hollywood???

    • Not only is it set up, she obviously edited out her part and re-did it where her voice is unnaturally calm. If someone’s yelling at you like that, no way in hell you’re voice is going to sound like you’re chilling on Quaaludes, unless she WAS, in which case CPS should take her little bastard away from her because, along with all of her other faults, she’s a shitty excuse for a mother. But then, that’s OBVIOUS…

  • I have always loved mel & still do. within every actor there’s ‘a PIG & ASS & a nightingale you just never know which is gonna show up’ lets just say mel’s nightingale is on vacation at present. Still I luv the guy & he’s no racist, I am an african american woman. LUV YOU BABY !!

  • Mel is just like everyone else! (Human)
    In truth, most of us feel the same about blacks but are too afraid to speak our minds, out of fear…

  • “You should just fucking smile and BLOW ME”

    greatest line in history, keep them coming Mel !!

  • GOOD for Mel ! He should bust that gold digging Russian whore in the mouth… He should of done it sooner .. rater than later. After all he is the ROAD WARRIOR !

  • Fuck niggers, and fuck that stupid bitch. you don’t know what in the hell she did to make him that crazy. so screw y’all for only hearing this side of the story and not the other half. Bunch of fucking judgmental bastards. worry about your own life.

    • Wouldn’t you love to hear the REAL other side of HER conversation? Because that is NOT it. She obviously re-did it after she taped the crazy version of it to make herself seem calm. Lying fucking cunt. I can’t see who the hell would blame her for calling a whore a whore–it’s accurate.

  • Nigger Nigger Nigger Jew Jew jew Cunt stupid cunt Brown face.
    I am a racist now?Stupid americans with stupid Politically correctness.Get down on earth NOW!

  • has anyone found out why he said these things? is it possible that she pushed him to the edge, and the anger built up, untill he just couldn’t hold back anymore? she taped this, which means she expected it and wanted to make him look like the bad guy. all too often women get these stars, treat them like crap, then play the hurt victim to get sympothy and a big settlement. we all say things we regret when hurt. he’s no different.

    • Of COURSE she did. Then she hit herself in the face to make it look like he hit the bitch. A shitload of dentists said her bruise didn’t match the dental work in her mouth and that she most likely inflicted that on herself just to play victim and fuck him over like that. Lying bitch.

  • He was probably stone cold drunk. I don’t think anyone on this board would make any more sense than him in the same position. He’s breaking up with his girlfriend and saying mean things to her. Say you didn’t do that? None of you can and none of you had your lover taping it to sell to the media which is illegal and I hope she spends her two years in prison with stiffest fine losing custody of her baby for at least that length of time. It would serve her right.

  • people are stupid they say you see that proves hes racist all i herd is a guy who had enough with the lies and bullshit and just simply wanted to get things off his chest when your hurt you want hurt the other person and saying by a pack of puppies just doesen’t cut it why do you always make things about race that makes you racist.

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    who had enough with the lies and bullshit and just simply wanted to get things off his chest when your hurt you want hurt the other person and saying by a pack of puppies just doesen’t cut it why do you always make things

  • what does race have to do with it. as if Niggers are the only men who want tight dressing females and crackers are the only dirty guys who like fake tits. get real blacks do not go for the fake boobs, only but and whites like that ish thats why majority of white females get the boob job. ever hear of a sister with fake boobs….NOT!

  • I’m not going to quote Mr. Gibson. I think he’s going though a bad patch we all go though bad patches each and one of us every day. We all have pressure breaking points no one is immune. I think this best rant yet wow how did this recoding ever get out? Was the phone bugged? LOL “vegan whore vegan bitch” LOL okay that part was funny! LOL I can listen to Gibson all night swearing. I wonder if he’d like to go online with me in swearing contest. LOL

    I like him as actor and who knows I might like him as person. I have ranting issues every day I’m going though a fucking cunt phase where I don’t like my own country the fucking scum cunt England anymore, I don’t trust these backstabbing British cunts! See we all have breaking points!

  • I like to re-enact Derek and Clive with Mel Gibson. You fucking scum cunt jew! You fucking cunt! You fucking SUCM CUNT!

  • I think Mel Gibson is too old for Oksana Grigorieva. She’s a few years only few years younger than me and he Mel Gibson feels ashamed to stick his cock between he large tits then I’ll stick my cock between he tits and fucking cum all over them as sign of pleasing pleasure!

    Fuck you Mel I can’t get up Gibson!

  • I didn’t really hear anythign he said that was racist, alot of racist comments tho… And tbh, I think if you had people CONSTANTLY on your case, they will find somethign in EVERYONE (including me) that has done soemthing wrong. And with alto of your comments, id say most of you are speaking just like him…

  • He makes historically inacurate films that encourage racism: Braveheart – Scots persecuted by the English when historically Scots leaders have largely persecuted the English. Portraying William Wallace as a hero rather than leading an army of opportunist murderers, pillagers, and rapists against soft target south of the wall while King Edwards Army were fighting in France. Apocolypto – a racist slur on the Maya people and culture finally portraying the catholic conquistadors as saviors of the Maya from their own portrayed cuture, The Passion of Christ – the old catholic anti-semitic slurs appear again {dont mention the war} portraying ravenous blood thirsty Jews attacking Christ to his end. The fact is if Jews killed Jesus he would have been stoned to death.