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Christina Hendricks is Still Hotter Than Everyone On The Planet

The LA times just did a profile on Christina Hendricks and it was accompanied by a handful of absolutely stunning shots of the actress. Perhaps the article was to remind Mad Men fans that the show is coming back soon, but all it reminded me of was the fact that Christina Hendricks is a lot better looking than me and nearly everyone I know. Check out the stunning shots of the actress in the gallery and chime in in the comments about what you think’s going to happen with Joan this season.

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  • ehh. she is pretty, and voluptuous, but I feel like she has the same stiff pose in every picture I see of her, and I’d also like to see her smile. Maybe her teefs are bad?

  • She has beautiful eyes! I never noticed because I’m generally staring at her enormous tits.

  • She’s hot, she usually(not here, of course) looks so sloppy. I hate her hair when its that light carrot orange, really hides her beauty. She looks like a drunken whore in so many pictures I’ve seen of her.

  • Where are the G’damn next story arrows you bitches???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????