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Love It Or Leave It: Jared Leto’s New Hair

Well, I know that you guys have some pretty strong reactions to the Leto, so I’m going to tread lightly on this one. Ha. Haha. Right.

I think Leto’s hair is completely ridiculous. From the poor bleach job that resulted in that cheap-looking orange that people with a lack of good taste — or patience — is common in, to the way that blonde completely washes out his decidedly attractive face, to the “give me a break” mohawk. It’s bad, bad all over.

Though I’m sure some of you are going to love it — and probably the same ones who love his band, 30 Seconds to Mars, a band that I still haven’t familiarized myself with.

Thoughts? Do any of you love this look?

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  • He’s supposed to be sending the message that he’s a true rocker and doesn’t care what he looks like as long as he is expressing himself. That would be easier to swallow if I didn’t hear his songs already sold as music for TV ads.

  • In England that look would be best described as “Jedwardian” in honour of the world least talented popstars, Jedward.

  • Absolutely love the Jedwardian quip… What would , uh, I mean, who would we pick as the american Jedward?

    As for Leto, well, not that it’s a pretty look, but he’s sported worse, more cornea-sandblasting looks, so, as long as my eyes are safe… Meh. I won’t veer in old lady “but you could be so pretty if” territory, even though he could be so hot if… ;)

  • Honestly, I reallly liked the pink mohawk. I’m not really feeling the blonde, though. :/

  • Bad, bad, bad! It’s almost as if he makes it this bad to hide the fact that he is trying to be trendy, but doesn’t want us to know? He’s old and stupid so he forgot how to be cool. I don’t know. The color is a moot point, the style is F*ckkkkeeedd uuuppp.

  • I love his hair. He is hot and can pull off any style. But I do prefer the touloused brown hair but oh well he still rocks my boat :D

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