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Damn, LeAnn

picture of country singer leann rimes in a black two piece bathing suit looking hot

These photos were snapped of LeAnn Rimes — the quasi-kind-of-not-really-Hester Prynne formerly known as a country singer — in a two-piece a few days ago and I have to say: she looks way more amazing than I’ve ever given her credit for.

I mean, remember when she was just a young, chubbed-out adolescent with a funky-looking grill? Now she’s an older, full-blown hottie-fab-body, with an almost normal looking grill.

You go, girl!

Look out wives of husbands that dig Lifetime movies and country music … LeAnn’s on her way, and no marital vows are gonna stop the itch to twitch all over that fine-assed bod.

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