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Oh, So That’s How That Happened

A photo of Lindsay Lohan

Hey, remember that one time that Lindsay Lohan got a DUI and she also had cocaine on her?  Then remember when she was in court for that and she ended up in jail for about five minutes?  Yeah, that wasn’t so much because of Mean Girls or whatever but more because the cops on the case were not exactly the highest apples in the tree, if you know what I mean.

TMZ obtained the police report for the incident, and it tells the tale of a very confused man who

“discovered a folded Clinique sun care card with an unknown substance caked on to the surface of the card in Lohan’s right rear pocket. Some of the white substance fell to the floor.  I used my foot to see what had fell but thought nothing of it.  I did not recognize the substance attached to the card and initially thought the substance was a wet crushed breath mint. I put the card into the jail trash can next to the booking windows.  I was looking at the floor and began to recognize the substance as resembling powder cocaine.   I then recovered the card from the trash.”

I don’t know the circumstances surrounding this man’s life and his choices, but it seems to me that if you find a card caked in a “white substance” in the pocket of someone you just arrested, it might be a safe bet to to go ahead and hold on to that.  But he didn’t:  he contaminated that evidence, Lindsay got out of real jail time, and just look at her now.

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  • OMG! What about her face?! I thought this was going to be a story about her covering up her face surgury. It looks like her nose is smaller, more space between nose ans eye. Slightly, but I haven;t read a lindsey lohan post in a while, or is it the fact that she's always wearing sheades. She looks SO different!

  • I'm so naive that I'm amazed that cops throw away a defendant's (an arrestee's?) property! Of course, they would tase an 86-year-old grandmother in her bed, so throwing away someone's property while they are in custody is nothing at all.

    It's too bad the men in blue don't have better training. And supervision. (You wouldn't believe the size of a motorcycle cop I saw this morning – his stomach was huge and tasers or a gun are the only way he could stop anyone, short of sitting on them.)