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Diddy Says 'No More Kids 'Til I'm Married'

P. Diddy was recently talking to a U.K. talk show host about the odds of him having more children, and his reasons on wanting to wait before creating his seventh child are pretty funny if you ask me.

Diddy told Jonathan Ross, “I have six kids from three relationships. They don’t live together. Opportunity wasn’t really knocking at my door for marriage. I don’t condone having children out of wedlock but they were my circumstances and I’m a proud father and I take care of them. I’m involved in their lives and I take care of the mothers of my children and when the day comes I’ll get married. I’m not gonna have any more kids until I get married.” Hmmm. So odd that it took supporting six different children in several different homes in order for Puffy to come to terms with the fact that it might not be the best lifestyle for his kids or the best message to his young and impressionable fans.

And hey! As someone who’s a bastard child herself (yup), I have to say that I appreciate Puffy putting out the message that children born “out of wedlock” aren’t living in the ideal situation… but it’s not like he’s reformed from womanizing. Does Puffy mean that he’s not having more children or that he’s not impregnating any more women? Am I to believe that this guy isn’t still pulling in tons of ass and that he’s using protection with all of them? Yeah right.

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  • P. Diddy recently spoke with a British talk show host on the chances for having more children, and his reasons for wanting to wait for her seventh child is pretty fun if you ask me.
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  • I watched that whole show the other day, and Diddy came across as very charming and able to laugh at himself – his statements make a lot more sense when watched in context.
    May I also add that I now hate Jonathan Ross for making Katherine Heigel (sp?) seem quite fun and not an uber-bitch on that same show. I was comfortable in my little irrational hate-bubble dammit!