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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Is a Huge Bitch

If there is one “celebrity” that makes my skin crawl, it’s that little goody two-shoes, stick-up-her-ass, wet blanket Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Not only does this woman give Republicans a bad name, but she’s inarticulate, passive-aggressive and generally childish. Exhibit A: Her reaction to Kathy Griffin on this morning’s episode of The View.

Now, it’s no secret that Kathy has dished on Elisabeth in her stand up and that the two have radically different political views, but while most people are able to put politics aside and see the humor in Kathy’s roast-like stand up act, Elisabeth just broke down. Throughout the entirety of Kathy’s interview, Elisabeth stayed silent only piping up to ask loaded questions about her stance on Obama and the state of the White House. At one point, Kathy is talking about the work she’s done to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and Elisabeth absentmindedly stares at her fingernails.  She also paused at one point to stretch and yawn. During an interview on a televised talk show. If that doesn’t qualify someone as a bitch, then I don’t know what does.

Toward the end of the second segment (check it out after the jump), Elisabeth tries to defend herself to Kathy, asking her if she’s uncomfortable being around the people that she’s bashed in her act. Kathy came back with a “I live for it, bitch!” and Elisabeth quickly backed down, but it was clear that she didn’t “get it”. Elisabeth Hasselbeck is her own worst enemy because she’s ignorant. She cannot see outside of her tiny world. In a way, we need someone as thick-headed as her on television to use an example of how dangerous stupidity can be.

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  • I would take Elisabeth's political and lifestyle opinions over kathy griffin's crass humor ANY day of the week.

  • Ha! Awesome! Part of me strongly dislikes Kathy Griffin, mainly because I find her annoying, but Elisabeth Hasselbeck is a sanctimonious nitwit cheerleader that doesn't belong on television. It's nice to see her put in her place.

  • I LOVE Kathy Griffin and nothing else she's done explains why better than her reaction to Elisabeth Hasselbeck!!!

  • I don't think there is any middle of the road on Kathy Griffin. As much as some people hate her, her fans are absolutely rabid in their love for their favorite redhead (check her website and you'll see what I mean). In this clip, Kathy held her own. It looked like Hasselbeck was ready to erupt throughout the entire interview but when she actually did say something, it was ineffective & no match for KG. As usual Hasselbeck came off as a sanctimonious c-word.

  • You're kidding, right? Consider the present company in that shrew-fest.

    Go back, rethink your world view, and start all over again.

    And, hey, I love Kathy Griffin. Well her comedy, and certainly 0.00000% of per politics.

    I'd ask the soldiers, not the stinking filthy leftist politicians, whether or not “Don't Ask Don't Tell” is good for the fitness of the fighting force or not.

    It's not your decision, it's not my decision. Seriously.

    • They did ask the soldiers! That’s why they changed the law. It helps to have a clue what you are talking about before saying anything at all!

    • Don’t try to speak for me you fucking prick. I served my country, I served alongside gay people, and I had absolutely no problem with them. They worked just as hard as everyone else, did nothing to hurt morale, and some of them became great friends.

      I’m glad they repealed don’t ask don’t tell.

      Now crawl back in your cave homophobe. Stop trying to use my service for your political purposes.

  • LOVE IT! I don't watch the View, but so enjoy crazy Elizabeth's moments like this. Please post the follow up video from tomorrow's show that will no doubt see her crying, and telling the story about “my daughter and I were talking, and I said, mommy is sad, because I was rude…”…. cry Elizabeth…cry! It amuses me!

  • Everyone knows Kathy Griffin how she works, so don't be shocked if your in the spotlight and she dishes you. I like Elisabeth, I didn't for a long time, but she is very strong in her opinions which is a good thing and she brings an opossing view which is what the show is all about. She is young and I think her attitude today was very inmature, so Elisabeth be a professional, since you get paid like one and don't let things people say get under your skin. It unfortunately only gives them more information to use on you.

    I'm sure Joy will use this take on her talk show, because she's an opportunist.

  • Elisabeth is just a cry-baby bitch & she's totally not cool! I loved how the View cameras pretty much cut her out the whole segment, and it was oh so refreshing to not hear her whining ass voice. Seriously, that witch needs to retire, get fat, & take care of her many babies she has popped out!

  • Kathy is hilarious! I love her. I also saw nothing wrong with Elisabeth's behavior; she doesn't like her and she wasn't putting on a fake face. So what. Kathy loves that.

  • The “hate” from the liberal left is funny as hell!!! Please keep it up you liberal loons…. and by the way… Keep rockin' Ms. Hasselback, the majority of the Country sides with you!

  • Elisabeth's JOB is to interact with the guests. You cannot let your personal feelings interfere with your ability to do the job, correct? She made herself look bad, I wouldn't doubt if she is bawling tomorrow on the show.

  • I stand firmly in the middle and I am sorry Ms. Hasselback is a horrible representive for the Right. If the majority was “with” her as you say Gary, John McCain would be President. There were far better candidates for her position on the show. She was on Survivor. . . Really. Come on.

  • Oh really? I thought you stupid fucks loved our country now that ass kicking Obama is president. You outsiders were sucking his dick the last time I looked. Pussies!!!!

  • Exactly. The classy thing to do is to play nice. You don't win by pouting. Besides, Jesus would want her to be nice….she's a Jesus freak, no?

  • What is it about the Presidency and politics that makes people believe that they have the right to defame the office, and those who disagree with their personal points of view in the most obscene and profane terms? I don't care what side of the isle you sit upon, your comments are beyond ugly and are what reduces, what should be civil discourse among citizens, to gross , violent and barbaric levels. You will not win hearts and minds to your side, whatever it may be (as I truly am not sure what you are attempting to express, save it is obscene beyond all reason), by using foul language and expressing such contempt for your fellow citizens. Perhaps, and I am doing you a personal service here, you should consider avoiding the posting of your opinions when you are in the throes of drink, drugs or simply in a foul mood. Clearly, if you were proud of your statements you would have included your name. Surely, in a country as large as ours, and with the huge issues that are pressing down upon us, it is time for people of sound mind, good will, and with ideas to offer, to express what they have to say. Not to post ugliness in a cowardly and anonymous fashion. What you have said here is shameful, and in your heart, you probably realize it. To all of America, regardless of your political affiliation – I apologize on behalf of “Anonymous” for his/her buffoonery – hopefully, it will not happen again.

  • Kathy Griffin can be soooo annoying. The only way she gets attention is by saying vulgar things and shamelessly promoting her lack of talent. And she dominates the conversation, hardly lets the ladies get a word in edge wise. I'm all for being unique and having a sense of humor, but she is all fake (body and talent) and only got to where she is by being loud and obnoxious. Maybe if she learned to love herself the way she was made then she would actually be an appealing and probably quite a naturally funny person.

  • I agree with all your comments concerning both. Elizabeth Hasselbeck should be replaced…..

  • I think that Elisabeth doesn't understand what a “dry sense of humor” is or what “self-depreciating sense of humor” is. She acts like Kathy is serious. I love Kathy's humor. She always makes me laugh.

  • Molls,
    I couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you .
    Elizabeth is a putrid “know-it-all”.

  • How about not asking the fucking soldiers. The military is NOT a fucking democracy, and they DON'T get to vote on what might be unpopular issues. Their job is to follow whatever orders come down the pipe.

  • great post. i love kathy and how she school elizabeth! wow..elizabeth just proves what a close minded, uppity bitch she is with her behavior. bet she wouldn't have pulled that sht if babs was there!

  • Military is for the abolishment of “Don't ask don't tell”. Get your facts straight, moron.

  • I can't stand EH or KG but I don't see where this video is in any way annoying or controversial. EH is super annoying but I think she was as polite as is possible for her. She tried not to talk because she obviously doesn't agree with KG at all. And yeah, she said some dumb bitch comment about Obama being in office for a year and a half and not making any changes. No surprise there. But this isn't news worthy.

  • Kathy Griffin is a one note comedian. She says outrageous things and curses in front of young children. I respect her right to do her comedy bit albeit of limited talent. Take Robin Williams and Kathy Griffin comes up as a cheap fraud by comparison. The readers on here show their liberal left wing politics. I need say nothing else, because you would not listen anyway. Facts and logic are alien to you who depend upon feelings and emotion

  • Totally agree with you…couldn't say it better myself. Can't wait to hear Kathy's next stand up and how she works the reception she got from that petty, little viper. Just to bad EH backed down before Kathy really had some fun messing with her and putting her in her place. Where did Muttley graduate from the Elizabeth Hasslebeck school of hateful, right-wing, off the charts radicals??? Ewww…would hate to be Muttley, disgusting.

  • Totally agree with you … Could not say that better myself. Standing next to Kathy's can not wait to hear the reception he and the little, tiny snake found how it works. Bad for not backing down just before Kathy really had some fun messing with him and put in place. Elizabeth graduated from the school where Hasslebeck Muttley hateful, right wing
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  • I totally agree. Elisabeth is a talk show host. She needs to treat all guests with the same type of respect. Are you kidding, sitting there pouting and then actually stretching and yawning??? How unprofessional. Barbara should fire her ass and hire someone who can sit through an interview on a show that is paying for her and her husband to raise their little repulican, left wing litter ! I am sure Barbara Walters has interview many people she doesn't like or agree with, but has always been professional and kind. Elisabeth needs to take her brood and move up to Wassila !!!

  • It's about time someone put EH in her place. I cannot believe how she will not even give your president a go on anything. Can someone be that shortsighted and believe that what she thinks is always right. I have never heard her say anything nice about anyone. Disgusted in her behaviour, probably acted more childish than her own kids, who I am sick of hearing about as well, not the only mother of 3 children in the world you know. Sack her.

  • If I had someone like EH on my side of politics, god help us all. I am damn sure most of the country isn't behind anything this blonde bimbo has to say. It's alright though, she will be on tomorrow crying and telling us the story she told Gracie on why mummy was upset and that mummy said/did a horrible thing etc etc. and expect sympathy.

  • you liberals think that every one thinks like you do. You pat each other on the back and think that you have a majority.

    Us conservatives love Elizabeth

  • Unfortunately for the conservatives in your country, EH is the only voice we get to hear about your party. You surely can’t be proud of someone who is so narrow minded. She is an embarrassment to your country for not at least trying to give your President a go. Rome wasn’t built in a day. If she got her facts straight, instead of carrying on about Obama playing golf for gods sake, people might actually listen to the other side.

  • Meghan McCain would make a fantastic role model and a great replacement for EH and Sherri. She would bring more as a host than the both of these annoying people put together.

  • There is a big difference between a proper Republican, who embraces the philosophical tenets of the Party, and a reactionary, neo-conservative, extremist like EH. The entire point of the Rep. Party is small Government-and as a registered Independent, I agree strongly with some of those tenets- we )or, at least I,) do NOT want the Gov in my business- it’s not their job. Unfortunately the Rep. Party no longer represents what it used to do- and has become this modern interpretation of some bastardization of religious (usually Christian) extremism, interference in one’s private affairs, such as reproductive sovereignty, property ownership, etc. The Liberals and the Reps are almost indistinguishable in a way, anymore- each is so deep in their “revival” philosophies, they can’t see the forest for the trees- and we all loose.
    EH is, I believe, an example of what’s wrong with the “new Republicans” as much as I feel Whoopi is a perfect example of what’s wrong with the “new Democrats”.
    All IMHO.
    And Kathy Griffin would not have made that comment unless the father of those two adult girls had already- in front of the WORLD- “offered” them as available. Political Party notwithstanding, that was NOT a class act- and how can one be surprised when a comedian jumps all over that low-hanging fruit?

  • she doesnt give republicans a bad name, they do a great job at giving themselves a bad name.. greedy bastards

  • Griffin is a no-class fucking ugly CUNT. That goes DOUBLE for all you worthless fucking lefties who I despise. And TRIPLE for that stupid bitch Behar CUNT.

    Any questions? No?

    Then GFY’s.

  • Kathy Griffin just needs to go away and never show her nasty self again. She is done. She Lost it all. Dirty rotten nasty person. Has not got any respect for any other person. She is a bully and needed to just stay in her hole.