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Bravo, Please Kick Danielle Staub Off Real Housewives

Danielle Staub Responsible For Dina Manzo's Departure

I already said that Danielle Staub is an unfit mother who should have her children taken away, but now I’m going to go ahead and say that this woman is so horrible that there’s not even room for her on reality television. On last night’s episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, we learned that Dina Manzo elected to leave the show mid-taping because she no longer could stomach the drama perpetuated by Danielle.

We also can’t forget that Dina’s daughter Lexi is no longer on the show and there are lots of rumors out there floating around that Danielle has something to do with it. With no main story line and a husband that refuses to participate in reality television, Dina’s plot line has now been reduced to talking about Danielle. If I thought Miss. D had two braincells in her head to rub together, I would give her credit for finagling that much screen time.

But she’s not smart. Danielle, in all of her desperate attempts to say relevant, is as transparent as any person could be. She is, from everything we know about her, quite possibly a sociopath. If it’s not bad business for Bravo to be doing business with a sociopath, then they should consider that her blatant manipulations (see: her sex tape) is bringing down the integrity of their entire franchise.

I am not interested in sitting through another season of Danielle Drama. I would rather watch the Manzo boys play the ham game for an hour than have the show infused with her deranged self-importance. It’s not even laughable anymore.

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  • “Bringing down the integrity of their entire franchise” Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! People don't turn on any of the Housewives shows for “integrity.” Sex and garbage sells.

    But I do agree with you. This bitch has taken trash to a whole new level. I also agree that from what we see, she has the markings of a sociopath. Scary. Another glaring problem is Kelly Bensimon from the New York series who quite obviously is crazy as a loon. No joke. Mentally effing ill. Maybe this says something about us as a community…the fact that a network believes we want to watch sexual perversions and untreated mental illness for funzies. And evidently we do since they keep feeding it to us.

  • I totally agree. It's not even fun anymore. I love Dina, her daughter, the way they interact and grandma wrinkles & ladybug. This is the first I've heard of this, I missed the last episode. I need details!

  • Maybe that says something about YOU, honey. Most people can live their lives without ever tuning in that show and are just fine. Also, I don't get fed by tv networks. I watch what I please, and there is plenty of shows and channels that aren't just about garbage.

  • Yes, Molls. Please, educate us on who is and who isn't a sociopath, since you probably know so much about the subject. Illuminate us with your wisdom since your blogger means vibrate with compassion.

  • Seriously. She probably has antisocial personality disorder, (not to mention histrionic and narcissistic) but she doesn't seem violent enough to be a sociopath. Her implied threats and hints are just bluster.

  • Yes Kate, we should all agree with your diagnosis based on your observations of reality television and entries on wikipedia about personality disorders, because, you know, that is really all it takes to diagnose someone.

  • The ham game… totally hilarious! But yes, I agree. It almost makes me want to stop watching… almost… But all kidding aside, I definitely feel for the two daughters of this woman. Yes, we are all adults and can make stupid stupid decisions in our lives on a daily basis… BUT, when you are a parent (as I am to a little girl) you must always take a second and third look at your actions and really decide if what you do is not only good for you, but your family as well. Based off of the show (as I don't know her in real life) it seems that this woman is clearly doing everything and anything to stay in the limelight as much as possible. Does this woman have narcissistic tendencies? In my opinion, yes. But, her daughters are still young and have peers and must be teased on a daily basis because of her mothers antics and that just breaks my heart.

  • awesome blog entry. agree 100 percent. i use to think the show was kinda amusing, now it's torture to watch danielle be a crazy dramatic bitch. she needs to grow up.

  • Besides the main story and a man who refuses to participate in the reality TV plot Dina is now reduced to about Danielle. If I thought that Miss D had two brains in his head to rub together, I give him credit for time finagling screen much.
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  • I can't get over how she worked the stripper pole routine onto the show after selling her sex tape with the ex-con. Haven't seen it but anyone who has watched the two of them together knows these two are bumping uglies and he is completely buying her “poor pitiful Danielle” routine. She thinks this is good publicity too! What a moron.

  • I absolutely agree with this. Danielle has no place on television–it's not fun watching her type of crazy. I feel bad for her kids. It's that simple.

  • i agree. she's nuckin futs, man. and this show is BORINGGGG. i'm sick of it being all about the manzos vs. danielle. get a new cast in all together, bravo!

  • I think she's dangerous, she's a threat, and she's unbalanced. She should be kicked off the show.

  • The ham game is the most awesome thing to come out of RHNJ and Danielle is the scariest person I have ever come across, hands down.

  • this crazy ugly bitch just makes me not wanna watch everytime she gets all stupid i vomit a little bit in my mouth. she is the true meaning of TRASHY, she has no class and she is CRAZY! Like mentally unbalanced, like bi-polar crazy without the meds… she needs help. it's not amusing, she is so dramatic it's is dangerous… she is so negative and dwells in it. she has no idea what friendship is about. DANIELLE STAUB IS C C CC CRAZY!

  • I agree, she is a discusting pig. Kim’s boyfriend so eloquently described her to a “T”. She is so transparent and out on a mission to make herself look so innocent and so vicitimized and it’s a joke.

    Pretending to talk on the phone at the fashion show, doing a “drive by” with her young daughter’s in the car to Caroline’s party because she is so envious she isn’t included.

    I can’t believe Bravo would keep a ho like her on the show. It’s the “Danielle show” now not NJ Housewives…Then you have Kim G on there who is pretending she’s gona leave the Bently to kick some ass to Danielle and get’s to Jaqueline and playing the “nice” lady is ridiculoius. .It’s so staged.

    At least OC and NY Housewives isnt all about ONE person and is much more entertaining.

    Beverly, I mean Danielle is a low life and I would happily watch again if they give her the boot on her scrawny little doctored up ass, hair weave and all.

    LMAO her tellling Dina she had “fake hair”…she’s a jealous biotch and makes me want to puke..

    her poor girls

  • oh and I’d like to comment on “Danny” and his MEAT-HEAD side kick who NEVER SPEAKS! They both agree and nod like moron’s to everything Danielle say’s LMAO..they this Danny idiot tried to act like a badass with his 1980’s feathered hairdo.

    Does this guy even have a “real” job? I doubt it.

    Where the hell did they find these two?

    It’s like Danielle and these moron’s are bragging about serving Jail time…

    their mother’s must be so proud lol