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Katy Perry Is Steadily Revealing Her Issues With Religion

A photo of Katy Perry at the MTV Movie Awards

Last week, Katy Perry made a comment on Twitter about the classlessness of “using blasphemy as entertainment.”  Everyone thought that was a pointed comment to Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro” video, which was released the day before.  She was asked about her problems with Lady Gaga while promoting her new album, and she was quick to deny her comment had anything to do with Gaga, saying it was “more of a non-specific, general thing.”  Though she did admit that if the blasphemy comment was directed at anyone specifically, it would be Russell Brand:

“The other day he was yelling out the window. He said something a bit off color, kind of blasphemous about the Lord Jesus Christ, and I smacked him for it.”

Ok, let’s stop right there.  If she actually smacked her boyfriend, that’s clearly an issue.  If the person you’re going to marry has such differing religious views than you that you feel the need to smack him when the subject comes up, go ahead and take some time to reevaluate your choices.  Even if the smacking part was just a joke, she referred to Jesus as “the Lord Jesus Christ,” which also makes me uneasy. Maybe it’s just where I live, but the people who say “the Lord Jesus Christ” are also the people who try to take you down the river for a baptism (which I’m not convinced wouldn’t result in drowning) and who tell you all the horrors that will face you at the hands of Satan should you continue with your heathen ways.  There’s only one popular dude named “Jesus,” we all know who you’re talking about.

After talking about her future husband’s blasphemy, she also said

“It’s just kind of deeply rooted inside of me, and hard to get away from. But everybody knows I am a massive Lady Gaga fan. If you look through my tweets, there will be about 10 of them that say that I am obsessed with her.”

In another interview that took place last weekend, Katy went on about blasphemy:

“Lately, I’ve just been seeing some things that are kind of…not something I would do, I guess. Like, you know when Madonna was on the cross? And, like, sometimes my boyfriend will say things that are ehhh… From where I come from, it’s hard for me to say that…”

And she also addressed the comments that her statements on religion are hypocritical:

“[People say] I’m a very hypocritical person, ‘How do you say that and [sing] ‘I Kissed a Girl’? Spirituality and sexuality are two separate things. When you decide to put it into the same subject, it gets interesting for some people.”

While I think Katy Perry is generally adorable, and her songs have definitely helped to break some barriers (one of my friends came out after “I Kissed a Girl” became a hit), all this blasphemy talk concerns me.  It sounds a little bit like she’s slipping back to her roots as a Christian singer.  Don’t go toward the light, Katy!

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  • People don't need to agree, but they can respect differing views. Emily tell me will you meet someone who will coincide everything YOU believe in? No. So get off your high horse.

    FYI: YOU'RE uncomfortable, oh please. Why is it when someone mentions their religion their a crack pot? Some people are highly religious and also sane and non-preachy, just because you haven't come across them, does not mean they do not exist.

    Sorry, but your whole post was moronic to a Tee.

  • I don't know a single person who is highly religious as well as sane and non-preachy. I didn't even know those three terms could be used in a sentence.

    Of course, I do live in the Bible Belt.

  • “if she actually smacked her boyfriend, that’s clearly an issue.”

    OMG! You swear? I would never imagine.

    “she referred to Jesus as “the Lord Jesus Christ,” which also makes me uneasy.”

    Really Emily? Tell me, when I am referring to Jesus, which names are appropriate, since apparently you are the guardian of christian vocatives? God knows (is it ok to say God?) I wouldn't want to disturb you with something as hardcore as Lord Jesus (although things like writing 'fuck' and 'shit' in every other post don't make you uneasy, do they?)

  • ….and what's wrong with being a Christian again??? I don't think Katy Perry has “issues with religion” but I think that YOU do.

  • First of all, she wasn't saying that referring to Jesus was making her uneasy, it was the way the said it. And as someone who also lives in the Bible Belt, and isn't religious, I completely agree with what she's saying on that note. I was once asked if I was a Christian, and when I said I was Catholic (which is my family's denomination and far better than responding I'm an atheist), this man told me I was going to be hit by a bus crossing the street and that Jesus wouldn't accept me. While I don't know where you live, I live all around people who find nothing wrong with saying things like this, and then practically dragging you to their church to be “saved” and “healed”. So yeah, when people start saying things like “Lord Jesus Christ” I get uneasy too.

    And secondly, who the hell pissed in your corn flakes this morning? Or do you always go after people you don't know with such vigor? I was way more offended by the way you spoke to Emily than by anything she's written on this website by far. If you hate her writing so much, why don't you find another website that's a little less offensive to you? No one's forcing you to come back every day.

  • I live in the Bible Belt too. :( I completely agree with you.

    Then again, I live in Lubbock. The most conservative town I have ever lived in, and I've moved a lot. Sucks for me, because I'm very liberal and not very religious. Pretty much, when the topic of religion and politics come up, everyone gangs up against me.

  • I don't think she's becoming more religious. It's a respect thing. I too was raised conservative Christian and am no longer religious, but I still try not to use God's name in vain, it feels disrespectful.

  • You live in Lubbock? UGH, the rest of the country sympathizes with you, I assure you. I spent time in Lubbock and it and the rest of that part of Texas is as bad as it gets, and the self righteous, holier than thou idiots that run that city are as bad as it gets.

  • Yeah, I read the groundbreaking part and I was like, uh, does Katy Perry have an entire album out there that I don't know about? I mean, really. Her latest song is about how California has the best girls. And the one before that was about waking up hungover and broke in Vegas. She's got a long way from the likes of John Lennon…

  • I'm really sorry for all of you who have come across these so-called “Christians” who Bible thump you. I just want to assure some of you that not all Christians are like that. In fact, if I crossed your path I wouldn't treat you with disresepct. This is a free country and I understand that. You are free to believe in what you want, but when you ask, I will tell you what I believe, but I would not force it upon you. The Christians who use fear to try and get you to change are rude and have no idea how to evangelize correctly. Please don't bash all Christians because we aren't all the same.

  • Maybe she shouldn't have smacked him (even as a joke) but clearly her boyfriend knows what her beliefs are, so shouting something 'blasphemous' even if he's not a believer himself – is as bad as the smacking from Katy. And this is not about Christianity. I would not say anything disrespectful about Shiva or Allah or any other God(s) when I'm around Hindus and Muslims etc even though my loyalty lies with the Lord Jesus Christ :)

    This is a biased opinion of Emily's I believe. I know it's cool to make fun of Christians nowadays, but it's stupid to turn a blind eye on the other picture.

  • How so? Bad for their relationship yes, but if she can't handle his “comments” then the problem lies with her.

  • Unfortunately you all have at least one belief in common, which is pretty much what makes it hard to respect you in the first place.

  • I think the major problem, around where I live anyways, is that people assume you're a Christian as well. And they have no problems forcing their religion on someone else. So they start going on a diatribe about Jesus, or “trust in God, God is good”, and you basically just have to sit and nod. If you tried telling them you weren't religious, they'd look at you like you're the devil incarnate and start bombarding you with questions on why you don't go to church, and sometimes they just plain tell you you're going to hell.

    Then there's also the comments like “have a blessed day”, which you hear from just about every cashier in every store here. To which I'm just aching to reply “Praise Buddha!”

  • Why is it okay to hate on Tom Cruise for his highly religious crackpot quotes and not okay to hate on Katy Perry for her highly religious crackpot quotes?

    Oh right. Because she's CHRISTIAN and worships THE LORD Jesus Christ.

    We don't give Shi'ite Muslims or Scientologists a get-out-of-jail-free card for crazy – we shouldn't give Christians one either.

  • “Even if the smacking part was just a joke, she referred to Jesus as “the Lord Jesus Christ,” which also makes me uneasy. Maybe it’s just where I live, but the people who say “the Lord Jesus Christ” are also the people who try to take you down the river for a baptism.”

    I love you.

  • It's a free country and I understand. You believe in what you want for free, but when you ask, I'll tell you what I believe, but I will not force you. Christians who try to use fear to get changed and you are stiff and have no information correctly to evangelize. Please do not bash all Christians because we are not all the same.
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  • emily.. whoever you are (has it really been THAT LONG that I haven't been reading EB on a daily basis?).. shut up. where I come from, someone who says “our Lord Jesus Christ” is a christian. not that big of a deal. to be honest YOU sound a bit preachy.. as if expressing 'religious concerns' is a bad thing.

    this isn't “highly religious” or “crazy”.. it just sounds like she is a bit conflicted and is dealing with it in an open way.
    I was raised in (lets just say) a protestant church, and now I dont consider myself to be religious or even a part of any church, but I know what its like to have people around you act disrespectful… and the thing is they usually know that they are going to upset someone- if you dont believe in Jesus why would you say shit about him? im just sayin.. in my experience people do anything and everything for attention and I know how KP feels.

  • Why is it hard to respect someone who has a belief in Jesus Christ? That is the funny thing about so called “progressive” or “liberal” minded people. It's okay to believe in certain things as long as they are the things you tell everyone to believe in because of course you all are more intelligent than we so called religious people. And to Kristy-your attitude smacks of intolerance- but again intolerance seems to be okay as long as it is aimed at anyone who may choose to practice a religion or believe in Christ. It is people like you two who are the real bigots!!

  • What the heck was “highly religious” in Katy Perry's comments? If I am religious and I go about my life-I have the right to say anything I want just as you do. I also have the right to say it without some ignorant person questioning my right to be religious if I so choose. That is what has made this country great-not a bunch of dumb-asses dissing anyone who is a believer.

    • I don’t have a problem with someone saying their a Christian. My problem is that she makes a mockery of the Christian religion and as a Christian, I am offendedv

  • your retarded for this view. im not even a jesus freak but your ignorant. have no idea what life is about, and your job is to study the habits of useless celebrtiies, get a fucking life

  • I salute Kay for standing up for what she believes, and it is a respect thing. If they are in a relationship together he shouldn’t have said things that he knows would upset her in such a way, but at the same time she shouldn’t have smacked him.

    Also, Bloomlvrchick is right. Not all Christians smack you over the head with a Bible and tell you that your going to Hell. Sadly, the majority of Christians feel the need to evangelize with fear instead of love, but at least I am able to admit that about my religion. But just as I won’t shove my religion down your throat or say disrespectful things about your religion or lack thereof, I expect a person to keep comments I might find disrespectful to themselves, and not try to tell me how Christianity is a fantasy.

    But if you ask me about my beliefs, I will “kindly” explain them to you, and what impacts it has on my life. Katy has the right to believe what she wishes, and if someone has issues with that, then it is their problem.

    • I just want you to know, that I give you props on your response to this. By far the most real and truthful one I’ve read so far. I agree with you completely, and I have much respect for you. Thank you! :) God Bless!

  • If she says she has respect for Jesus Christ she needs to show it. She is not doing so by releasing those songs of hers to build satan’s kingdom, cause thats what she is doing.

    • As long as she does what she is doing (the pictures, songs, hindu wedding cerimony) while claiming to be a Christian, she is mocking God, wether she intended to or not. As a Christian I am very offended. What’s worse is that her family is showing more support for her

  • So Emily, just wondering… what’s wrong exactly with saying “The Lord Jesus Christ?” Since when is stating someone’s status a red flag? Do you freak out when people say “President Obama,” or “The Queen Elizabeth II,” or “Michael Jackson the King of Pop?”

    If not, do be quiet.

  • I think Katy makes a mockery out of the God she believes in. She mocks him. Not intentionally, but if her life is a reflection of what Jesus is about, then she makes Jesus look pretty silly. You have a right to believe in what you believe in, but run the risk of being decieving your own heart. While the Bible says you shall have no other gods before me, she goes and gets married in a Hindu ceramony in Northern India, where they persecute Christian’s, while professing to be a Christian. Thats a slap in the face of what Jesus is about and I think she offends her own god more by her actions than Russell using the Lords name in vain

  • There is not seperation between secular and sacred. Every thing has a belief system behind it. Religion effects every aspect of life. Christianity addresses her sexuality like it addresses every other aspect of life.

  • While I think the blog comes off as a bit gossipy and somewhat belligerent, I have to agree with a few points:
    -Living in Oklahoma (the reddest state in America, check the last election), I have to sympathize with Emily. I don’t believe many Christians do not see how they treat people as inappropriate, a point emphasized by outraged religious comments on this blog. While I don’t run into many outright hateful, brimstone-crazed zealots, I still cannot help feeling ostracized by a community so intent on destroying human liberty and equality through patrio-religious pageantry. I don’t group all Christians into Westboro Baptist- style evangelism, however, I think the subtle forms of discrimination and intolerance are much more dangerous than a bunch of nutters with picket signs.
    -Secondly, I can somewhat see where Emily is coming from in her confusion of Katy’s religious affiliation. It’s not much of a stretch to say that her image is extraordinarily sexualized. While I personally don’t advocate shoving people’s beliefs and lifestyles into prefabricated boxes, our society thrives on it. Someone who refers to her deity as “Lord Jesus Christ” and then downs a Jack and Coke before hefting herself up on the stripper pole might be a bit confusing.

    On an unrelated point, there is something with which I must blatantly disagree. When did Katy Perry become a musical icon? Was it the ground-breaking lyricism of her cherry chapstick? Or maybe it was her ultra-profound provocation of deep, emotional feeling in “Hot and Cold”. Seriously, if you’ve seen her live, you’ll realize that she can barely carry a tune. There is so much more music out there with real substance. There is music that will enrich your life, rather than indoctrinating you into mindless bubblegum preteen Narnia.

    That’s all.

    • “Someone who refers to her deity as “Lord Jesus Christ” and then downs a Jack and Coke before hefting herself up on the stripper pole might be a bit confusing.”

      That is awesome!

      “There is music that will enrich your life, rather than indoctrinating you into mindless bubblegum preteen Narnia.”

      And another.

      My favorite post of this entire blog.

  • Cough, I meant to say that I don’t believe many Christians SEE how they treat people as inappropriate.

    My bad. :)

  • If you believe that any of those stars are Christians, you’re spiritually blind.. Lady gaga is apparently Catholic… Oh please, she wears the cross on her crotch.. If that isn’t mockery to all of us Christians, then I don’t know what is.

  • ok, so everyone really needs to calm down. your attacking someone for expressing their beliefs when u probably dont even know what u believe in. I am a Christian, and i am sane. I believe everyone has the right to their own opinion, even tho i think what i believe (Christianity) is is right. Does not give anyone the right to attack someone else just because they dont believe the same things as u. Yes, there are many hypocritical people in the world, but acting the way u r isnt going to do anything to change that. Cause honestly u usrself can not control others actions or thoughts, u can only control urs. Everyone slips up, and not everyone is what they claim to be. you do not have to believe everything you hear. You r supposed to take what u hear and go look for evidence that either proves what u heard to be true or false. Thats what you are supposed to believe. Katy Perry obviously has the head knowledge of what is right according to her, and if she believes that then let her make her own decisions.
    To the author Emily, i think it was? You should not feel uneasy about any name that God, Jesus, Jesus Christ, Emanuel, ect is referred to. It all means the same thing, but i will say that people believe in different gods that DO have different names. Besides that point, you may have just been around “Christians” that just love to have attention or just find it easier to act the way they do. Not all Christians are like that, and no one should force you to do anything or do anything that is overbearing. I would also like to say you should not base Christianity solely off of peoples actions. With the way the world is today, many ideas from different sources get in peoples head and so we compromise what is supposed to be actual truth. The Bible is supposed to be followed word by word, but instead is stretched to fit what is convenient to us. So dont take peoples word for things and dont base things on action, go to the source and find the real truth.

  • God forbid her personal beliefs offend a small time nobody with insercurities over their own lack of morals such as yourself!


  • Emily is only uneasy about God and Jesus Christ because she knows of God and His Son but yet does not really know them. I have seen it many times, they aren’t afraid to talk about Greek gods or anything like that but when it comes to someone most people know about things can get complicated. Maybe God is just trying to make himself known through Katy. Hopefully one day we can all find peace in the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • I’m more bothered by the traditional Hindu wedding they had in India. That’s the least Christian thing to me.

  • I never thought that Katy Perry is like this. O.o I guess she is a good girl huh or is this just for show? Eitherway, I still lovfe you Katy Perry!

  • I just get shivers up my spine every time I hear “Jesus Christ” or “Muhammad”, “God” or “Allah”. If your religious, that’s great, live by your idol’s example, but I don’t want to hear ANYTHING about it. I greatly appreciate that Jews tend to be very discreet about their religion, so I’m not going to give them any shit. There are tens of thousands of different religions in the world today, past and present. So how can any one of these religions be right when they all proclaim to be the world’s one true path to happiness in life and in death? They can’t be, because that is impossible. So all religion is false because it consists of unproven, unfounded, and nonfactual doctrine found in the roots of each of their creationist myths and other legends told in their scriptures. When I hear someone subscribes to a certain religion, I pity them like someone pities a person with a mental health disorder, like schizophrenia. Its usually incurable, and it they tend to suffer from it for an entire lifetime. And their suffering lies in trying to reconcile their brainwashing with the reality of the today’s world and how it operates without everyone believing in that brainwashing. So whenever someone mentions “Jesus” or some other deity, I just fell sorry for that person.

  • Did you once think that perhaps those who DO have a specific religion feel the same way about those spouting off about an anti-religion or a non-deity? Exactly. So not only is your tirade uninformed and subsequently unintelligent, but it’s hypocritical as well.

    Also, as a student of MANY religions, I can tell you that a major component OF most religions is a little something called evangelism, which means to talk of your creator, savior, etc. to other non-believers. It’s almost the whole point.

    Yes, there is also a great many religions around the world, but as for Katy Perry, she’s part of the Christian religion, which makes up the majority of the world’s religion.

    I “fell” sorry for those with such a closed mind, such as yours, and I don’t even HAVE a religion to reinforce my feelings about that, Jack.

  • Wow.. I was wrong about her.. I thought she was heartless & only cared about the money.. I can see she has a conscience.. She must really be going through it.. At least I can see she cares, May God help her & save her.. May she be returned to the Lord.

  • whats wrong being christian??? thats 1 of the point i like Katy Perry ‘coz she is Christian—

  • first of all wats wrong wit a holy christen the lord made u u should be thankful and that if u dont belive in the lord and ask god for forgiveness u will live life wit god if u dont u will go to hell with satan im a christian and i want to go to haven and and live wit the lord like micheal jackson went to hell cause he did not ask the lord for forgiveness he was to caught up wit his fans to much he was not focus on god to sad to bad i think katy perry is right for being a christian she is going the right way in life shes finding god an maybe when she die haven is next……..

    • This is the Bible as translated for your i-phone by a stumpy-thumbed, fingerless, text-speaking monk.

  • Yeah Katy, do what the world tells you and walk right down the middle of the Broad Road with almost everybody else. We can find out later where that goes…………

  • Emily: Sorry you feel the need to ‘straighten all of us Christians out.’ If I call the Jesus the Lord, how can that offend you? He is the Lord. Those of us who choose to serve Him, call Him Lord. Not our problem. Not our issue. However, our Lord Jesus Christ did say that we would suffer persecution, so since you are part of the world system, I understand.