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Love It Or Leave It: Check Out Adam Lambert’s New Video

So, Adam Lambert just released a new video for his latest single, “If I Had You.” And I’m a little disappointed. It was kind of typical Lambert, but without the majority of the bumping and grinding, and much less glitter. The song itself isn’t so awful, but the video is terrible and features some really unfortunate articles of clothing and accessories — white jeans? Gold glitter platform sneakers? Eeysh.

And you know, simply because he’s definitely talented and glitter-shiny and over the top, a lot of people claim that Lambert’s the modern-day David Bowie, but this! I’m just not seeing. I love Lambert — for who he is, and his talent, but not so much his brand of music — but comparing him to Bowie? Beyond the “stardust” and the makeup? Come on, now. I don’t think Lambert’s going to be a flash in the pan like some other current artists are, but he’s definitely never going to be a musician of Bowie caliber. Sorry.

Anyway, on the whole, I’m kind of disappointed with the vid. It’s not horrible and it’s better than a lot of other new music videos floating around out there, but it definitely kind of fell flat for me. I don’t know. Count me unimpressed.

What do you think?

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  • I surmise Qiqi below doesn't care for the wardrobe.. Chubby boi doesn't do it for me evah.. Too Rex Reed redux

  • I REALLY think that Mr. Lambert here and the wonderful Lady GaGa HAVE to work together. How fantastically wonderful would that be?

  • I want my 4 minutes back :( terrible video and the director should NEVER produce another again. Why have a random shot of shoes? Random splices, running through a forest, what looks like the low budget aurora borealis, cross between thunder dome and a bad makeup day.. You were to nice it was simple terrible

  • Lighten up! Don't we have enough half naked bodies bumping and grinding videos? What's wrong with just pure joy? He looks happy and beautiful. He's having a loving and joyful fun with his real life friends and sharing his new found fame. Nothing more needed, their joy is catchy as I can't stop smiling while I'm watching it. A catchy song, along with a fun video that make some of us happy. I say, he did exactly what he was aiming for. And we'll have to wait and see the caliber of the greats he may or may not be. I'm in a disagreement with you on your prediction.

    • You go girl! I completely agree. But as I said below he’s already up there with the greats IMO. I loved the video. His vocals are always beyond perfect, and it was colorful and fun. Something I DON’T mind my kids watching, unlike so much of the junk on TV today.

  • Love it! And I agree with wowza…although Gaga and Lambert together might create some sort of glitter filled black hole of excess. One needs to be careful with these types of things!

  • Oh man do I ever agree. He is so talented and could have really had quite the career, but instead he has taken the cheapened way. I don't understand it. WTF is he thinking? If he wants any stay power he needs to focus on the music of quality and not on the BULLSHIT. Whatevs. If he disappears no one will care.

    • I’m sure plenty of people would care, and have you even listened to his entire CD. Before passing such harsh judgement, you should. This song is just one of many. All of which are of different styles and vibes. Just another reason why he’s great. Versatility. =)

  • I LOVE it. This is the first time I heard this song, and I already like it. I didn't watch AI when he was on, but I heard from a lot of people that they didn't like him, so I already kinda formed an opinion of him. But then What do you want from me came was my theme song for like, a whole month. And now this..I'm thinking that I kinda LOVE Adam Lambert.

  • Well so far in his musical career Lambert hasn't really impressed me…he has a great voice tho. (Wish he'd use it on some actual good songs..) But one thing I must admit, especially after watching this video lol: He is the cutest gay man I've ever seen. I just want to cuddle him, leather, eyeliner, weird hair and all…xD

  • I love this video!!! It's not deep it is just pure joy. The song just makes you feel good and you want to get up and dance. Adam Lambert appears to be all love and light in this video. It makes me smile.

  • Great song, great video! Glad to see something so different out there and, yes, definitely Gaga and Lambert would be a perfect match :)

  • LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! There are many terrific songs on Adam's “For Your Entertainment” CD, and I hope he does videos of all of them. I much preferred Adam when he was toned down on American Idol, but he is so talented, has such a terrific voice, and is so sexy…I LOVE this man!

  • I agree with others here that this video was upbeat and just fun to watch. Love the glitz and glam and all the people he had in the video with him. Besides, the smirk at the end is so amazingly sexy!

  • I love this video- why does a video have to be about sex, or all dramatic? Why can’t it just be people having fun! And I personally loved the white pants, they showcased the Glambulge beautifully. ;)

  • Write it down — Adam will be MORE famous (and considered more highly as an artist) than David Bowie. How soon we forget that David was more of a cult act, while Adam’s fanbase couldn’t be broader. He also has the music theater training, dance and acting. Consider a voice that comes along once in a generation, charisma out the woo-hoo, and a great live show — He’s already a star, and he’s gonng get much bigger.

    His CD is weak, but it grows on you. But the material’s great live. (Plus, it’s only his first CD.) And “chubby boi”? He he…better check out a recent concert on Youtube.

    Don’t agree with the Ga Ga stuff. It would turn off most of AL’s fans. GG’s kind of a teen heroine, but most adults see her as slutty and hyped. Sorry, but that’s how it is.

  • In my opinion the only thing that makes him a smidge beneath Bowie and other such greats, are his youth and lack of experiece. In five years he’ll be on their level, definitely, and five years after that (IMO) miles above them. He’s number one to me and all aspiring. If someone’s talent alone can pull another person (like me) up out of a drug soaked lifestyle and make them want better for themselves, than that person is more than one of the ‘greats’. He’s Godlike!! I LOVE YOU ADAM!! OW! lol

  • He’s amazing! This video, although I’m into Ke$ha, Rihanna, and Eminem at the moment, is probably the best I’ve ever seen. The ending is wicked sexy! Gaga and Lambert would be cool for some, but it wouldn’t help Adam’s career at all. Probably just damage it.