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Demi Moore is a Hypocritical A-Hole … Just Sayin’.

photo of ashton kutcher wearing plaid shorts and a yellow vest

And I’ve always been a pretty big fan of Demi’s, though she definitely went off the deep end with the plastic surgery a few years ago, so it’s kind of a shame that I have to use unkind words to talk about her. Like “asshole.” And “arrogant, judgmental twat.” But if there’s any credence to these rumors (and they don’t sound like rumors at all to me, considering they’re coming directly from the horse’s mouth), then she really needs to check her ego, like, yesterday.

Moore’s much younger husband, Ashton Kutcher, speaks to the UK’s GMTV and claims that wifey is disappointed with the way his body looks as of late, especially since he buffed up and out for his most recent movie, Killers:

“Unfortunately… I kinda wish that I hadn’t (let her see the movie) because now she expects (my body) to look like that and it doesn’t. You can’t maintain that. That’s not possible. I disappoint her every evening. I walk in to get ready to go to bed and she’s just, ‘Oh’. She’s like, ‘You know what that’s capable of, you’re not living up to your potential’.”

I hope he’s joking in some way or another. Really. I also hope that if he’s not, that Moore takes a look at herself and realizes that her body’s only doing what the plastic and silicone and leeches tell it to, rather than what it’s “capable” of. Miss Demi lost all control over her body’s “capabilities” when she had a gazillion-dollar total-body-and-face rehaul — no matter how much you tell it otherwise, plastic isn’t going to morph — or move! — sweetheart.

One also might want to consider the fact that Kutcher could get with someone far more accepting (and obviously more naturally built) with a snap of his fingers. For someone who’s so apparently worried about her much-younger husband leaving her for a much-younger woman, she might do best to lay off the personal attacks on her husband’s appearance.

People who live in plastic bodies shouldn’t throw molotov cocktails, don’t you know.

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  • geeze, you’re getting so worked up over an innocent comment. I really don’t give an eff what she’s had done because she looks amazing, and if I could be guaranteed the magic plastic surgery she’s gotten to look better at 40 or 50 or whatever she is and look THAT GOOD, I would do it without a doubt… and I really don’t think she meant it in such a toxic evil way… if i was married to a pretty little boy toy, i think i’d have some expectations too. it sounds more like some teasing between lovers. and he’s obviously not all heartbroken and stressed over it if he can so cavalierly toss it out to the press.

    • “getting so worked up over an innocent comment”

      But that’s what celebrity media is all about – taking a non-event and turning it into a huge, emotionally charged deal (while filling your 200-word quota, natch). :)

    • I couldn’t agree more, Kat. It sounds exactly like “teasing between lovers”. This whole post is a ridiculous non-story.

  • God, Sarah…seems like all you want to do is turn the Evil Beet into your own personal Evil Bitch. All you do is bitch and say mean things, when clearly this is the guy being funny. Do you really think he was serious? We all love this site and yes, we expect some heat when some celebrity does or says stupid shit. But not everyone needs to hear your negativity all the freaking time…especially when it’s unwarranted. This was kind of out there and sounds like you want to be hateful for nothing. If you want to shovel shit on someone, go find Spencer Pratt. Otherwise, can you try to be a little less abrasive before we all find another site?

    • you want nice? watch sesame street punk. I don’t always agree with everyone here, and lords knows no one every agrees with me. It is what it is. you don’t like, tune the fuck out light weight.

  • People who live in plastic bodies shouldn’t throw molotov cocktails, don’t you know.

    ha come on. that line in itself made the entire thing worth while. the writer clearly said “IF he’s/she’s not joking” and took it from there. if he was, great, but if not it was a pretty gd funny post as long as you dont have your panties in a twist like some of you (coughjonicough) so obviously do. lighten the fuck up.

  • Damn, Sarah. Stop trying to prove you haven’t let the whole ‘Summer of Death’ episode make you go soft.

  • It sounds like he is talking about his perception of things. I doubt she says this to him; he probably worries that she thinks it. It sounds like he’s talking more about his insecurities than a literal experience.

    • Thank you … how and WHY would anyone think he was being sincere. My God that was just manipulating the public…their favorite pastime.