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Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher Are Still Soooo In Love!!

WHEN ARE THESE TWO GOING TO BREAK UP?? It’s so unhealthy, how she’s so much older than he is, and they’re both really rich and famous and attractive, and yet they appear to be totally committed to one another and happy. YEAR AFTER YEAR. This insanity must stop. It’s making me uncomfortable. Almost as uncomfortable as Demi looks at this event. Don’t get me wrong — she’s still strikingly gorgeous — but she just looks like “Oh dear Lord why do I have to be here? I’m getting too old for this shit.”

Demi and Ashton made a red-carpet appearance at pre-Oscar benefit gala in Beverly Hills on Thursday night. Also there: Nicky Hilton, Camilla “Eyebrows” Belle, Lydia “Hearst”-Shaw, AnnaLynne McCord, Molly Sims, Olivia Munn (would someone please explain to me why she’s considered attractive? I think she looks like an olive.) and the ever-starving Rachel Zoe, whose oversized please-don’t-look-at-all-my-fat personal style is getting real old, real fast.

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  • You’re correct Evil Beet she does look bored. Demi is sporting the “Oh dear Lord why do I have to be here? I’m getting too old for this sh_t,” look.
    Perhaps, Ashton I-Use-To-Be-In-Crappy-Movies Kutcher grew tired of playing ‘tea time’ with Scout or ‘tweetering’ and demanded that they both attend.
    By the way, I hate that tiny purse Demi is carrying… Yes, I know that is a petty comment.

    • Really? What I”m hating on is the bunchy, slightly transparent blue bag she’s wearing. And please tell me that is not a wayward nipple on the right.

  • Aw, lay off Demi. I’ll wager none of you look as good as she does even though you are younger. She is gorgeous and cool. They are happy. Deal with it.