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Oh, Please.

Ashton Kutcher went solo to the Golden Globes last night because his wife, Demi Moore wasn’t up for attending the event. Granted, it’s 100x more difficult for a woman to prep for one of these events than a man, but it’s not as if the Golden Globes are every weekend. Or like they’ll be at the Grammys, Tonys and Oscars. It seems like part of the job to me. Demi told Twitter she was “feeling sick and having a bad hair day”, but it really looked like she she needed to put on some bronzer and brush out her bed head.

Eh, I’m just jealous because I think deep down I want to go to the Golden Globes and be married to Ashton Kutcher (for sexual reasons, duh) and be mad rich. It’s probably just that side of me that’s annoyed by this. I can’t hate on Demi. I heard she collects dolls obsessively, which is so weird that I like it. Also, she posted these photos of Ashton looking real nice before the show:

Don’t hate!

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  • She’s looking more and more like her ex stripper alcoholic mom. Maybe it’s time for some full frontal nudes again, like she did when she was 18.

  • I think that she had to do this to preempt the usual tabloid hysteria about relationships falling apart if a couple attend major events alone.

    And I think she looks young and pretty. But saying that you can’t go to a fancy event due to bad hair? Hair and makeup are just part of the thousands of dollars that go into one of these dames looking so good. Maybe even a part that they have to pay for themselves.

    I wonder what the stars do pay for their prep. Aren’t gowns free? And jewels and bags and shoes? I guess the money goes to the stylists, botox-injecting doctors, chefs, personal trainers, manicurists, tanning-sprayers, limo companies, hair-doers… Wow – the economy must soar every time show folk hold an awards show.

  • I ALMOST enjoyed that she didn’t go, but the excuse of a bad hair day makes me roll my eyes. If it’s true she didn’t feel up to it, I would really just like to hear a celebrity say they’d rather lounge at home instead of getting all done up for some extravagant event where everyone nitpicks every aspect of your looks and life haha.

  • Apparently Demi Moore offered my friend’s mother-in-law like 2mil for her Barbie collection. She is SERIOUS about her dolls. I keep dropping hints that I would like to see this collection, because a house full of Barbies is inconceivable to me, but apparently M-i-L is super protective of her dolls.

    I like how there is a drawing of Demi in the picture of Demi. SO POMO

  • However did the show go on? I’d say those two have a hellish marriage — two dimwits made for each other.

  • @ thinkstraight: The dresses are not free except to A list or friends of the designers, people who will be photographed and the designer acknowledged, it’s advertising for them. Everyone else buys their gowns. Hair and makeup is around 2-5k, shoes and jewelry are also loaned by coverage expected and friends of the designers, or the actor has to buy their own. There are deposit systems where you can give a jeweler a credit card and if it all doesn’t make it back you bought it. Lindsay Lohan used to be able to get jewelry this way, for the most part it’s a system that works well. Studios may provide some help but not for every awards show, that’s usually negotiated with them up front or if it looks like the film and actor will be nominated and they want the actor overseas for international awards they will cover some of the expenses.

    Marion Collitard was nominated for La Vie En Rose and her studio and the producers refused to even pay airfare an expenses for her to come to the Oscar ceremony, never mind all the European ones, she had to cover the cost and was going broke, and finally said something that made the news and she got some costs back but she spent a fortune of her own money for that Oscar.

    It’s not to expensive for someone with Demi’s money, and it looks like she has extensions that have gone ratty, I thought she was one of the few who had her own hair.