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The Real Housewives Franchise Keeps Cranking Out Talented Musicians

Danielle Staub is Releasing a Record

Not since American Idol has a reality show brought so many unknown singers to the public’s attention. First there was Kim Zolciak, then there was the already-established Kandi Burruss, then our ears were raped by Countess LuAnn, and now, the ultimate Diva, Danielle Staub has announced she is releasing a track.

Danielle is recording a duet with Lori Michaels, who supposedly some people give a shit about. Danielle talked to People about their collaboration and of course it was about what you’d expect:

On her song “Real Close”: “It’s a song about having commitment issues — one person is leaving, the other person is staying. It’s called ‘Real Close’ because you want to pull the person closer. For the main version, the vibe is very sexy, very raw. There’s going to be a dance mix, but the main version won’t be dance.”

On her singing ability: ““I sang in an R&B band when I was a young teen. It’s been a long time since I exercised [my musical chops] but when I was sitting down going over Lori’s music, this song grabbed me.”

On how, despite being a heterosexual, she is a card-carrying homo: “I’ve been part of the gay community for thirty years. The gay community is the one place, in all honestly, that I’ve ever truly felt safe and loved for just being me. Nobody ever cared where I’ve been, what I’ve done. They just let me be me.”

On the opinions of her Real Housewives co-stars: “I don’t care what they think. I don’t have a relationship with them.”

How amazing that Danielle can carve some time out of her busy baby cancer fundraising schedule to treat us all to some of her vocal stylings. What a freakin’ blessing. Also, have y’all been watching the show? What the hell was up with that ex-con Danny she brought to the cancer fundraiser? Jesus Christ on the Cross, that guy looked like Faces of Meth jumped off of Danielle’s computer and into her life. And I love that Danielle and her friend were dressed to the nines and they show up in a Bentley with an ex-con wearing a Hanes t-shirt and some Wranglers and Danielle is acting like she’s some bunk-ass version of Carmela Soprano. Ugh! The nerve.

Also, how much do you guys miss Dina’s daughter Lexi on the show? Major sadface re: her not appearing on this season.

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  • I think Lexi was a breath of fresh air too but I applaud her mother for pulling her out of the show. That’s no life for a young girl. Dina obviously put her daughter’s welfare above money. Wish all “reality” mom’s thought with as much clarity.

  • Out of all of the crazy “Housewives”, this woman truly scares me… and the reaction of her children’s faces clearly shows this as well… “Faces of Menth”… that is really scary and hilarious at the same time. I think it is great that her daughter is not on the show.

  • I love how this crazy bitch claims to be a part of the gay community yet she had no problem with her methface ex-con friend’s usage of faggot as an insult to Caroline’s son.

    • I completely agree Az….I know that none of my close friends would tolerate someone using that word as an insult. I think Danielle and Kelly Bensimon should be locked up together in a very soft, padded cell somewhere far, far away!

  • I can’t understand what anyone sees in this woman??? Her face is just tragic. Stop with the botox already! Sad sad person. Hey, maybe Danielle and Barbie doll Heidi can become friends.