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What The Hell Is Amanda Bynes On?

This is not cute, my friends. What Amanda Bynes has been doing on her Twitter lately is not cute.

It’s not the first time I’ve talked about this by a long shot, but I don’t think I can handle it anymore. I started following Amanda because I assumed she’d be cute and possibly funny. The girl grew up in front of our eyes and was always marketed as someone with comedic ability, so I thought I knew what I was getting into… but you guys? Amanda Bynes is insane. And if not insane, she’s emotionally stunted and extremely sad. These are the tweets of a 24-year old working woman! You’d hope that she’d have something interesting to say, but instead she incessantly Tweets “love quotes” and has one-sided conversations about God knows what all day long. It’s concerning.

What a poor message to be sending to young female fans. This love-obsessed bullshit is the kind of thing I expect from someone with country-bumpkin mentality. Amanda should have too much going for her to even be thinking about marriage, let alone spending her days and nights Tweeting about her obsession with it. Gross.

This is what I was talking about when I said that Twitter’s ruined celebrities. I was better off not knowing that this chick’s a fruit bat.

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  • maybe she’s just stupid and no one should pay attention to her. for christ’s sake, she’s amanada bynes.

  • also, that’s the beauty of twitter. it shows people like they really are, unless they are really really careful or the pr people are writing for them.

  • she’s changed. she’s become those superficial girls she used to criticize. THE END

  • lol omg shes not cute guize!!! who gives a shit really? these little random bits that get thrown at twitter are just like everything else that people do- try to look witty or down to earth or whatever. if you judge people by this crap then it says more about you than them, because ultimately you are doing the same thing posting a blog, just on a larger scale.

  • i have to say i am with you about twitter kind of ruining of celebs for me.

    its sort of like when you have a crush on someone you don’t know very well… and then when you actually get to know them, its extremely disappointing because they don’t live up you the idea/fantasy you had about them.

    i started following a few of my fav actors on twitter… holy bucketsI! one of them spews all of this inane misogynist prattle.. could have kept my fantasy going that he was a nice good guy if I had just not sought him out.

    but i realize this is my issue not theirs. i am the one who built them up in my head.

  • I started hating Amanda Bynes when she starred on that wank film about an American girl who goes to Britain and of course her dad is a lord. It made me throw up, all the British stereotypes fucking laid out in 90 minutes (and cherry on top – SPOILER she ends up getting in Oxford. Yeah RIGHT like it is that easy, mate). Pathetic.

    So yeah. I deeply dislike her.

  • This blog is a joke. You people sit there and hire writers but yet all post look like 8 year old’s wrote these posts. And you whoever wrote this has tooo much time on their hands.

    • It’s their fucking job. They MAKE time. And it’s not like Molls is sitting around waiting for Amanda’s tweets. SHE POSTS EVERY TWO MINUTES. So, if you’re on Twitter for at least 5 minutes twice a day, it’s not hard to figure out BITCH IS CRAZY. But why should I trust you if you think 8 year olds write like this? You obviously don’t get it. OH and your page has malware FYI.

  • I think the saddest thing about these “tweets” is that she seems to think people are interested in every thought she has. And that she has no one to share them with but Twitter.


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  • She sounds stoned. Grass gives you this delusional sense of profundity and sincerity.

    But why shouldn’t she blather on about nothing? That’s what social networking is. To say nothing of gossip sites.

  • think you’re being a bit hard on her. i don’t see the big deal in her sharing her random thoughts. and i only saw a couple about her bf, but who cares? she seems normal to me.

  • Seems like she’s trying to stay connected to her market and doesn’t realize yet that they’ve outgrown her. She learned her Nickelodeon cutie-pie lessons a little TOO well.

  • If you don’t see anything wrong with these tweets, may I remind you SHE’S 23. Like, TWENTY-FUCKING-THREE. There’s nothing ‘normal’ abt this. If they were JUST stupid, I’d say whatever she’s dumb, it happens. But, the things she write about and dwells on… it’s just weird. Also: for a laugh, search Amanda Bynes on Twitter and see what everyone’s saying abt her tweets.

    • its twitter. she’s just being random and silly. it’s not like she’s on inside the actor’s studio or larry king or whatever.

  • omfg. shes syyyyycooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! i never would think that amanda bynes would be such a crazy psycotic person…seriously….how can someone be that freakin weird?!?!?!?!

  • I stopped following her and Jim Carrey as well. She is seriously nuts. What the hell is: “I think I´m gonna delete my Twitter soon. I probably won´t but…”
    And she does have one sided conversations.