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Amanda Bynes Announces on Twitter That She Loves Black Men

Oh, thank God for I was in bed at 5 AM, scrolling through my Twitter feed on my Blackberry because I couldn’t sleep, and I see Amanda Bynes talking about how much she loves black dick. I was like, “Is that girl really awake at five AM Twittering about her love of black men? This is too early to be talking about bros.” I knew I had to talk to you guys about  how outrageous and random it was for this chick to be going on and on about how she “prefers chocolate” at that hour in the morning, but by the time I got over to my computer the Tweets had already been deleted. Thankfully they’d been preserved elsewhere.

It’s not that interracial dating is a big deal. In fact, I think it’s bizarre she feels the need to say anything about dating non-white men at all. The thing of note here is that Amanda Bynes is up at five AM passive-aggressively posting Tweets saying that she’s in to black dudes and then deleting them. Does her love of black cock never rest? Does she ever rest?

If her Tweets from Grammy weekend weren’t enough to scare a man away, I’m sure she’s done herself in now.

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