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Love It Or Leave It: Amanda Seyfried’s Nineties Delia’s-Inspired Dress

This totally looks like something that I wore to my eighth-grade dance. Or maybe did wear to my eighth-grade dance, somehow got donated to a high-end Hollywood Salvation Army and ended up on Amanda Seyfried’s body for the premiere of Letters to Juliet. And on a totally related note, doesn’t this chick (or movie execs that hire her) have some kind of weird obsession with letter writing? I mean, Dear John, Letters to Juliet … what the fuck are these people trying to say?

Girlfriend’s hair and makeup look fabulous, but I’m definitely hating on the dress. And those knees … holy cow. Somehow she made off with my horribly knobby knees, too, even though I didn’t think I got rid of those as easily as that heinous dress.

But really … all ass-busting aside, is this woman not one of Hollywood’s hottest women? I’m thinking, uh, yes.

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  • Hmm… I think the dress is actually kind of cool, and the knees aren’t so bad… but I just don’t like her face that much! It freaks me out a little bit.

  • I love the dress. Maybe a little less eye makeup but besides that I think she looks amazing.

  • The dress isn’t for me, but the shoes are fantastic!

    I use to have Seyfried on my bang list, but then I started hearing very unflattering stories about her in interviews and started to wonder what her deal was. Then I saw her interview with Chelsea Handler this week, and she came across as a self-absorbed bigot. Now when I see her, I just shudder.

  • Not only is she gorgeous, she’s humble and down-to-earth. She’s a rarity in Hollywood

  • I was force-fed that chick in some movie on a long-ass flight and I kinda like her. Go Team Koon Eyes.

  • I think her hair looks especially good like that. I’m not really a big fan of the center part she does sometimes

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