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Amanda Seyfried Looks Good As Hell In Esquire

Uh, well, it’s not exactly the slowest news day, but it would be a real shame if I didn’t post these delightfully racy photos of Amanda Seyfried from Esquire that have been floating around the web. I knew she was kind of a sleeper hit babe.

Here’s a round up of some other news in case these photos don’t do it for you (but FYI, if that’s the case, I don’t wanna know ya!):

  • A Minnesota-based celebrity memorabilia site is picking up the tab for Corey Haim’s funeral. Even in death the guy is a sell out.
  • Actor Peter Graves, 83, died of natural causes in Los Angeles yesterday.
  • Gisele is starting an eco-friendly skincare line. Fascinating.
  • NSFW: The Telephone video was shot partially on the former set of a gay porn!? Beyonce sat exactly where some dude had his dick hanging out! Amazing!
  • If Zac Efron gets cast as Spiderman, I’m going to start cutting again.

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  • OK, I have held back my opinion of you, Molls, for a long time. I started reading this site when Sasha wrote most of it, and enjoyed her joyful girlishness and silly love of snarking about celebs.

    She’s not here much anymore, though, and I’m not sure why the site even bears her nickname today. You are here mostly now, and you have again sunk to a level I never saw on this site before you wrote here. A couple of weeks ago you made fun of some celeb’s ugly (in your opinion) child, and here you are today saying you will RESUME CUTTING if Zac Efron is cast in Spiderman.

    I really enjoyed your week off.

    Sasha, you are into promoting and empowering women and women’s issues — is this really someone you want writing here for you?

    • I find it somewhat troubling that you go to a celebrity gossip blog for coverage on women’s issues.

      • when did she say she came here for coverage on women’s issues? oh that’s right, she didn’t!

    • You’re on the wrong site. That’s Zelda Lily.

      I for one Molls, love you. And you have by far the thickest skin I have ever encountered. I would have quit long ago.

      Keep doing ya thing girl!

      Ps, LOVE that you love Nicky Minaj.

    • hey sue i think you need to learn how to take a fucking joke…that comment made me lolz I LOVE you MOLLS!! you have lots of fans its just the same old haters that keep leaving comments i love all the writers on this site..Molls, Sasha, and evilbeetdouche what would we do without you

    • I really didn’t appreciate the cutting joke either.. it was distasteful and not funny. I also am not a fan of Molls- she really brings no creativity to the website, just rude humour. Evilbeet has moved from an alternative gossip site to get away from self induldged sites like Perez Hilton, into it’s female counterpart. I am seriously reassessing my website choices and moving towards permenantely deleting it from my favourites. It seems like Sasha is looking more at $$ signs than the reputation of her business.

  • Dude it’s not personal it’s gossip. Mills didn’t say hey everyone go kill yourself if zac effron is cast as spiderman I’m pretty sure it’s clear to anyone with half a brain this is “dark humor” as in a fucking joke. And if you want to put Sasha on an ivory pedestal do you not remember her and that hideous Renee troll making fun of Verne Troyers tiny penis? That remains the most offensive thing I’ve seen on this site by far. Gossip is garbage if you don’t like it go find some Christian gossip blog and put your big girl panties on next time you go on the Internet.

      • Yeah like she is skinny herself. Maybe her fingers got so fat she couldn’t type anymore and that’s why Molls is here so much. I think the only gossip column that has never offended me and always makes me laugh is the superficial. That guy is funny albeit a little sexist but he doesn’t seem to take himself seriously and I often find myself laughing out loud at his posts. The superficial was actually the first gossip blog I started reading.

      • Ladeeda, you should read dlisted…. It’s beyond awesome. I mean Molls ganks half her stories from there anyway.

      • agreed. I visit dlisted a few times daily and have had to stop reading it while at work because i break out in loud fits of laughter from some of those comments. i love it.

      • Dlisted is the best! So funny and he doesn’t use ‘you guys’ or ‘y’all’ in every damn post.

  • Saw that one coming! As soon as I read Molls’ mention of cutting I raced to read this post’s comments. I feel like every single post on this site is the same now. 1) Semi-offensive/semi-funny joke is made 2) Readers freak out and act self-righteous 3) rinse 4) repeat
    Evil Beet used to be a fun site to read as an escape with funny posts and funny readers’ comments.
    It’s no fun anymore…

  • Yep, Molls is a disaster here. This website has changed for the worse since she’s been the predominant poster. It’s her weird combination of naive cynicism that falls flat.

    • UGH… and here I thought beet FINALLY wised up & got rid of Perez Hilton’s female doppelganger aka Molls. We all should only be so lucky!

  • Wow, let’s reel it back in here. Molls, love you. Amanda Seyfried- I would love nothing more than to sit on your face and wiggle.

  • I’m not easily offended, nor do I normally bash on bloggers. That being said, I liked this blog much better when Sasha made more appearances. I look forward to Kelly’s weekends the most, now.

  • wow. I only came here to mention that my sweet great-aunt was Peter Graves’ 4th grade teacher. And then, well… I read all this word vomit. If y’all hate Molls so much, why do you keep coming back?

  • Who cares!!! My boyfriend thinks the same with me. He is eight years older than me, lol. We met online at~ Ag_e_mi_n_g_l_e.c.o.m ~a nice and free place for younger women and older men, or older women and younger men, to interact with each other. Maybe you wanna check out or tell your friends.

  • Actually, it looks like the City of Toronto Social Services dept will be paying for Haim’s funeral. And that pisses me off. My tax dollars paying for the funeral of someone who spent most of their life living in and paying taxes (or not paying taxes in Haim’s case) in the US.

    If it’s true, they better be burying him in a fucking cardboard box to keep the price down. But the story was posted in the Toronto Sun, so there’s a chance it’s not true.

  • I wish Beet would fire Molls. I mean how many comments from loyal readers does it take before Beet gets rid of her? I love this website, but I’m so sick and tired of Molls shitty writing!

  • Yeah. I didn’t want to make a fuss, but I am going to mark ‘dlisted’ on my taskbar instead of Evilbeet from now on. This upsets me. I used to love reading posts here. Time to move on I guess. All the best Beet!

  • i hate molls too, but everybody go back to the pics!! where are her hips? i know shes not that skinny…way too much photoshop is going on in here and we need to talk about it!!

  • ugghhh. this site is not the same. i used to be fan. it is officially getting deleted from favorites. i’ve been complaining for awhile about molls’s rudeness and crude humor. dlisted forever!