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Alice in Wonderland Takes the Box Office

For the second week in a row, Alice in Wonderland was the box-office leader, pulling in $62 million. I haven’t seen it yet, but I think I want to. I’m just worried that after the first 15 minutes I’ll get bored with how beautiful it is and be like, “Oh, yeah, it’s the Alice in Wonderland story, who cares?” Let me know if you’ve seen it and what you thought. Worth seeing in theaters or wait for DVD?

Matt Damon’s Green Zone was the second-biggest draw, with $14.5 million domestically. As a giant Matt Damon fan, I saw this on Friday, and it was decent. As far as Matt Damon action movies go, it was kind of so-so. Like, the premise of the entire movie is “George Bush is intentionally lying about the presence of WMDs in Iraq.” Which, true or not, is kind of an overplayed concept. I was waiting for the exciting and creative twist, but it didn’t come. However: Matt Damon looked really, really good the whole time. Matt Damon should wear Army fatigues everywhere he goes. I may get easily bored of Johnny Depp looking like Carrot Top in a giant hat, but I will never tire of Matt Damon dressed in Army fatigues. If Matt Damon ever does a movie where he plays a fireman I will probably kill his wife in a jealous blackout go see it.

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  • I really liked it. It isn’t the same story as the original (more like a part 2), so you don’t really know what is going to happen. Depp was really good in it, not too over the top. It is visually stunning (I saw the 3D version), but not as stunning as Matt Damon! I think it is worth seeing on the big screen just to get the full effect of the images.

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    • Maybe Matt Damon can go on that site and hook up with Jane Fonda. They can grow old and older together bashing/hating our country. Maybe Jane can teach him how to go to POW camps and consort with the enemy. That is the only thing that pussy lacks on his resume.

  • I just watched it this weekend – the movie is a totally different story than the original Alice in Wonderland, and although the colors are great and the costumes are fantastic, you stay engrossed in the story, not just the amazing visuals. There is just enough Johnny Depp, the entire movie doesnt revolve around his character, and he’s definitely playing the crazy weird character he’s mastered. And with the 3D effects it’s worth seeing in the theater if you get the chance!

  • Saw it in 3-D and LOVED it! The story is good. The artistry is fantastic. Definitely worth seeing in the theater.

  • Yeah it’s def worth seeing but for some reason I thought there would be more laughs in it. Maybe the humour was more geared at the US audience and I didn’t quite get it? Also, the 3D felt a bit like it was added at the last minute rather than part of the original concept – not as visually stunning as it could have been.

  • It’s a must see… the original story is changed so much you almost don’t recognize it. That’s a good thing! It’s not really a “Johnny Depp movie” (yes, I did finger quotes!). The whole cast sorta takes their turns being the lead character and I honestly felt he could have been used MORE. I will be buying this one, and you should definitely see it on the big screen the first time!

  • Did anyone actually pay attention to the storyline? Clearly not – it wasn’t great. I saw it in 3-D IMAX. The 3D and all the CGI effects were cool. But it was like Tim Burton gave up on making a good movie and just banked on no one noticing because of the visuals in the film.

    The actress that played Alice wasn’t even a little captivating. All in all, it was very lacking in my opinion.

  • No, Alice is NOT in Kansas any more. This is a totally revised version with characters and references to the Lewis Carroll version. I would not call it a comedy as I don’t think Tim Burton does comedy, however yes there are humorous parts but all thinly veilled under a cloud of mystery and danger… (Gee I sound like the Hatter). It’s the best of Burton and Johnny Depp ain’t too bad either. Definitely see it in 3-D – it’ll knock your striped socks off!

  • Totally worth seeing in theatres. Helena Bonham Carter was a real kick as the Red Queen, but everyone had their shining moments. Depp, though playing the crazy-ass character he usually does in every friggin movie he’s in, was great. I guess he sticks to what he does best. I could see what MissYvonne was saying about Alice being a little lack-luster, but really I think that was just the character. She’s supposed to be quiet and a little off, and I find that it lets Wonderland’s personalities play off her quite nicely.

    The effects were stunning, kind of made me think of Avatar a little. As most commenters have said, it’s definitely not the same story as the Disney cartoon. I saw it twice and both times the people I was with leaned over and whispered “is this a sequel???” It’s a really beautifully shot, sweet, amusing movie. Go see it Beet!