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Lindsay Lohan, You Better Get It Together

Because this crazy is coming at you real quick.

Michael Lohan is taking action to get a conservatorship for his wacky daughter.  This isn’t the first time Daddy is threatening this, but this time, the stakes are a little higher.  If fate takes a hand, Lindsay will be going to jail this time, so clearly Michael Lohan has to jump to the rescue.  What a shining example of heroism, Michael.

Michael has said that he would totally be up for taking the job of Lindsay’s conservator, but he’s willing to consider someone else. Listen, Michael Lohan can’t even control his own life, let alone someone else’s.  Especially a someone else like his dear daughter.

For humanity’s sake, I’m going to extend my original plea to the entire Lohan family.  Guys, just get your lives together.  Please. Cocaine and cocktails are never going to fill the holes in your hearts.  You have to heal together, ok?  You have to heal together.

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  • I honestly can’t look at his pictures for more than a few seconds without getting the feeling that he’s going to come and kill me.

  • He looks like a guy that would write a column and refer to women as “bitches”.

  • I have no doubt Lindsay Lohan needs an intervention. However, giving Michael Lohan the authority to does so, would make about as much sense as sending Sarah Palin out into the world to negotiate world peace.