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Comic Book Movies Are Taking Over The World And No One Cares

Maybe you’re a nerd.  Maybe you just like action-packed movies.  Maybe you’re like me and you just nod and smile when charming young men eagerly tell you about things like the sequel to Iron Man or who finally got cast as Captain America in hopes that someday they might also tell you with that same eagerness that they would like nothing more than to be your loving husband.  I don’t know, I’m not trying to pass judgement.  But odds are, you probably saw The Dark Knight because, for whatever reason, it was pretty awesome.

Warner Brothers announced yesterday that Batman 3 was in the works, directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Christian Bale as that lovable, self-made superhero, Batman.  There’s also Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon, Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox, and Michael Caine as Alfred.  It’s going to be released on July 20, 2012.  And those are all the facts.

I’m not an expert on the movie business or anything, but I think that having a script or at least a working plot would be helpful in making a movie.  Or maybe more than a small handful of characters.  But like I said, I’m not an expert, I’m just making observations.  And I am going to observe that without Heath Ledger, this movie is probably going to go ahead and suck.  Like Batman and Robin with Alicia Silverstone suck.

Go back to stomping on Robert Sean Leondard’s dream of being a beautiful swing dancer, Christian Bale.  It will serve you better.

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  • Ha love this part! – “I don’t know, I’m not trying to pass judgement.” Emily ftw :)

  • i like your writing but im forced to disagree, i liveee for the batman series and i think this one will follow in the same kick-ass footsteps as batman begins and the dark knight, i head a rumor johnny depp was playing the riddler, who wouldn’t love that?!

  • I, too, beg to differ. The Joker was not Batman’s only adversary, and the rest of the crew makes up a pretty solid cast. I love Bale as Batman (loved Keaton as a kid, too!) and will look forward to this movie as much as I have the ones before.

    • agreed. I don’t understand why people think that Joker is Batman’s only enemy. Also, I think Jack Nicholson was better at playing him than Ledger. All of Batman’s enemies were pretty interesting

      • no no no no no. nicholson was awesome, certainly, but ledger took it to a whole new, non-cartoonish level. I know he died, and all, and the way he immediately achieved sainthood was a bit much, but I honestly believe he deserved every accolade he got for his performance as the joker.

        but yeah, all the other villains are good too – they just need some great actors to make them as good.

      • its hard to compare the two. Jacky boy played the hyper over the top ‘red hood’ joker wile Heath played the surreal joker that we see currently running around in DC comics right now. If anything it should be the Riddler and the Penguin both in the post 52 run where Penguin is well a short fat man with too much money who hires The Riddler to find out who Batman really is.

      • I think Nicholson did a good job of playing The Joker as he seemed in a lot of the early comics that he was in. The Joker really has two sides, the side that gave him his name and then the more dark, psychotic side that Ledger seemed to have drawn his portrayal of the character from.

      • i guess it depends on which Joker type you grew up with. I remember watching the cartoons in the 90’s and the Jack Nicholson character resonated better with me.

        I understand that Ledger’s Joker was supposed to be “darker” and “deeper”, but I don’t really think that was how Joker was meant to be. I thought of him more has allegorically evil, and not really deep.

      • when the joker first appeared in the 40’s he was killer who just showed up shooting things, he was mostly like that till the 60’s when they made the tv show and lightened the mood to being all hammers and guns with flags. he was darkened again in the 80’s and was kept mostly like that in the comics the cartoon kept him light but you knew he was fucked up

  • yeah, i agree with lovebeet and sharon. sometimes they od have a script in the works, but details just aren’t being released. they do that all the time!

  • That’s the beauty (or the lazy and annoying part, depending on your point of view) of comic book movies. The stories are already written, and there are tons and tons of storylines to choose from.

    Either way, I’m into the latest Batman series–but I love action movies, dark cinematography, and Christian Bale, so that could be the reason.

  • fanboy here as well, having really enjoyed the rebooted Batman movies, and think the casting for Captain America (not who I wold have gone with, but definitely good enough) was pretty good, I for one am happy that my beloved comic book heroes are all getting their own movies.

    I do not pick sides, I love DC and Marvel equally, but I’m looking forward to Thor and The Avengers more than any other movies in recent memory.

  • OMG, I totally agree…… that everyone who commented on this post should go visit Heath Ledger by any means you deem appropriate. For the love of all that’s holy, go outside and get some sun.

  • it’s not like batman begins was terrible, and that was ledger-less. I’m also pretty sure that a different, non-ledger villain was always planned for the third movie.

    • Exactly! I’m very excited to see what other villains they take on, and implying that Dark Knight was good because of Ledger? A bit ridiculous. Batman Begins was fantastic.

  • I’m a little amazed that you’re questioning the script and direction of Christopher Nolan. Nolan who directed and wrote Memento, and The Prestige in addition to the current Batman franchise. Plus the trailers for Inception look AMAZING. Nolan is not someone greedy Hollywood idiot that is going to disregard script and plot. And as brilliant as Ledger was, it’s not like he improv’d all of his lines…someone wrote them for him first.

    But like you said, you’re no expert.

    • *some, not someone.

      Though if we wanted to talk about the stupidity of comic book movies, we could definitely point to the Spiderman franchise (what it’s become at this point) and the latest Jonah Hex trailer. My point was that Batman, however, is currently beyond reproach thanks to Nolan.

      • as a nerd i feel the Jonah Hex is just one of those films that wont attract the masses, he series are always off and on and it they made it true to its roots it could of been just a supernatural western not something that might have will smith fighting on a giant fuckin spider. also superman was dead back in 1983 when the dumped donner, one more thing (heh) the downside of johnny storm playing the Cap is going to annoying to people who wont follow studios and who owns what and why is he two people in the same universe.

  • The new main lay-out kind of sucks! I want more colour and pictures. I also liked the fact that you could read all the stories in one page without having to click through everything! Please bring the old lay-out back or change the new one!

    A devoted, but worried fan!

  • I agree with Em. Christopher Nolan is a frickin’ genius, and I won’t doubt him until I hate one of his movies.

    And yes, comic books into movies is totally the best trend ever. Of course, Watchmen was an impressive step after things like Spiderman and X-Men. Pretty impressive.

  • Christian Bale in really well tailored Armani? Yes more please. I have yet to see a Nolan/Bale film I didn’t like so I’m down with one more Batfilm.