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“I am going to go to court to get a legal conservatorship to get Lindsay into rehab and finally get her off all the prescription meds. [Wife] Dinais going to sit down with me and the lawyers and make things right for Lindsay. She is taking Adderol, Xanax, Paxil. She’s a beautiful girl but she looks 100 years old.”

Michael Lohan— we should really start a “Guess Who Said It?” feature here at EB.  Even if I deleted the names, would there have been any question who said this?  — continuing to protect his daughter’s privacy by telling Entertainment Tonight that his daughter looks like a centenarian.

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  • If/When (hopefully when) Lindsay get healthy/better, she should write a memoir. I would definitely read hers over Jodie Sweetin’s.

    • Yeah, Lindsey should write a book if she ever cleans up, that would be some fun celebrity juice…..grab me a straw

  • He’s going to get legal conservatorship when he’s six months behind in child support payments for three children? What judge will go along with that?

    And she looks old because she’s a fair-skinned redhead who had more sun damage by the time she was 17 than many people do by the time they are 40.

    Maybe if he’d been around when she was a child he and Dina could have reinforced better skin care, along with a few other common-sense parenting basics, like being sober. But no, he was busy setting a good example by going to jail.

  • The really sad part is that we are going to be reading Lilo’s autopsy report soon. She is self destructing and all that her parents are concerned with is their own press coverage. Girlfran needs help. I know she is an adult, but I know plenty of people older than her who ended up in the middle of an intervention. Does anyone actually care about her?

  • Not having self-esteem, self-respect or self-confidedence.
    Living in emotional pain, stuck, confused, self-destructive.
    My heart goes out to her for her feeling so lost.

    Say prayers for her, wishes that she can clean her act up while she still has time. There is hope for anyone willing to try.

    Beauty on the outside means nothing if you aren’t happy and at peace on the inside.

    May LL survive, be one of the 10% who stay sober, and find that despite all the hurt and drama she knew, she figured out how to become a problem solver, and turned her life around.

    Blessings to her, from that part inside each of us that knows what it is like to want to be loved and successful and maybe hasn’t always gone about it in the most effective way.

    • annie you are indeed very loving and i do uderstand where you are coming from. yet she has to step up and take responsabilities for her actions. no matter how much help she is given lindsay will never get better if she does not change and realize its her life, her choices, her future. the press doesnt help and i think she has gotten hoked to the attention as well. bottom line, it was the fault of the parents but at some point in time lindsay has to take her life back.
      i know people from crazy families that have turned up OK because they realized there is only so much you can blame on your upbringing. sooner or later you have to realize that your future is in your own hands, linds is just to wasted to care.

  • Her “who farted?” face is a bad look on the red carpet. Maybe its a whiff of her own red carpet that caused that look of distain

  • Wak Waka : yes, everything you said is true – it all comes down to choices and taking responsibility — pulling that last little bit of strength from inside of you to make the right choices that support you instead of the self-destructive ones, time after time…

    Suicide by drugs and alcohol is a painful thing to watch, and a painful place to be…

    I wish for LL strength, hope, resolve and determination.
    May she survive and thrive, clean and sober and an example of what can be overcome.
    It may just be a wish – and even now, I hope not just a futile hope.