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Lindsay Lohan’s About to Take a Trip

Just one that doesn’t involve fungus or melt-in-your-mouth tablets this time.

According to court papers, Lohan violated the terms of her probation (is this supposed to be a fucking surprise? What, were they waiting for her to end up dead via overdose before they pulled the plug on her “probation?”) and she’s due in court next month, which’ll hopefully seal her legal fate.

Lindsay was caught “violating” the terms of her probation, which explicitly stated that she was to attend alcoholic education courses which were held to a certain timetable throughout her time served. Well, not only has she been spotted out everywhere apparently wasted — and probably under the influence of more than just alcohol — she’s not fulfilled the court-ordered requirements.

The judge that Lindsay’s supposed to sit for is the same judge that told her last time, “no more chances.”

Unless the judge is a complete fool, Lindsay’s not going to get the option of “intensive rehabilitation” this time … she’s probably going to end up in jail.

I can’t say I feel sorry for her. You get in enough trouble to where you’re being held to probation commitments — and you violate those, too — the only thing your self-entitled ass is entitled to is a set of bars and scratchy cotton jammies.

If this doesn’t clean her ass up, then nothing will she should be included in the same death-pool that Amy Winehouse somehow slithered out of at some point last year. The water’s grim, Linds. And littered with the corpses of a thousand wasted lives who’ve gone before.

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