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Kate Gosselin, Who’s Stuck in the Eighties As It Is, Might Also Want a Piece of David Hasselhoff

According to a real-live source that spoke to PopEater, Kate Gosselin’s vagina is setting its sights on David Hasselhoff or Jeff Goldblum. Or David Hasselhoff. And wouldn’t that be great?

A “friend” of Kate stated that during a recent conversation with the frazzled mom-cum-“superstar,” Kate admitted to wanting some male companionship in her life:

“Kate is serious about going Hollywood and thinks dating a celebrity is a great idea. When Kate sees how Tom Cruise changed Katie Holmes life, it became clear that she needed to do the same. Obviously, she knows she’s not yet ready to date a George Clooney, but she thinks she would be the perfect partner for a Jeff Goldblum or someone like David Hasselhoff.”

Well, Goldblum’s kind of involved with an actress that’s 35 years his junior, so I guess that takes him out of the race for Kate’s love, but the Hoff’s apparently available. It’s understandable that she’d go for David. He’d project the same kind of role-model that her ex-husband, Jon, is exhibiting right about … yeah, now.

Good luck in your quest for love, Kate. Maybe you’ll luck out and get a reality dating show out of it, too. Lord knows you could use some more sub-par publicity on your plate, with, what, eight kids and all.

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  • I read this yesterday on Dlisted. I swear, I love Evilbeet, and it’s the first site I check in the morning, but why is it so late with the news lately?

    • The reason for the delay is the EvilBeet won’t go with a story unless they confirm it. The writers here are all laid off New York Times reporters who are are known for their diligent fact checking.

  • I agree. Evilbeet is witty and charming at times but so slow on the uptake. Also, Kate was already asked about her potential reality dating show gig on Jay Leno or Jimmy Fallon…so that statement was unoriginal, I’m afraid!

  • Considering that “The Hoff” is known for abusing his past wife, I say, go for it Kate. Maybe he can smack some sense into you.

  • ….Yeahhhh I’m not exactly the biggest Kate fan in the world, but having said that, this sounds like a complete plant. Especially in light of that other article on here the other day about Jon planning to put Kate through the ringer for custody of the kids..

  • dunno, she is desperately clinging to a belief she’s a legitimate celebrity. that said, I say that her perfect match is Spencer Pratt