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You Can Breathe Easy: The Latest Sex and the City Trailer’s Here!

I know I was waiting up all last night with bated breath just in anticipation of watching it … weren’t you?

The latest trailer for the Sex and the City sequel hits the internet in a flurry with cameo appearances from Miley Cyrus, Penelope Cruz and the timeless Liza Minelli.

Sex and the City 2 drops next month.

I’ll be honest: I’ve only ever seen about three episodes of the show and didn’t even see the first movie, but this trailer’s got me kind of intrigued, on the real.

So, are there any hardcore SATC fans out there, and if so, could I just hop into this movie’s plot without really having a whole lot of background information?

I’d always said that I’d never buy into anything so campy, but I caved, bent and broke when I bought the Bridget Jones movies, so I guess all bets are off at this point.

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  • Sarah! Ahhh my first reply to your awesome posts! :)

    Briget Jones is THE BEST movie out there hahaha :D

    SATC had great episodes when it was on the air, I truly suggest you watch the seasons (online) and catch up, theyre really interesting and intriguing. As for the movie, if you refuse to watch the whole (9 seasons I believe?) then definitely watch the first movie. It’ll definitely make more sense and if anything, get you more excited for the next movie since you’re slightly more familiar with characters etc. :D

    Hope that helps!

  • I’m a harcore SATC fan. Yes you could.

    And I don’t like that Miley Cyrus has a cameo. Wasn’t aware of that.

    Damn, girl. Stay away from the cool stuff!!!!

  • Sarah, I would suggest at least maybe reading over the major plot points or something. It seems that they will be, in Carrie’s case at least, going into a little bit of history, and you may want a bit more info on that, because that whole ordeal was HUGE. But other than that, I think you should be fine to just see the 2nd movie.

    I’m actually excited about this. I was livid when I found out they were even doing a movie (the first one) to begin with. Everyone’s story ended where it should have in the series, and they’re just trying to siphon more money out of it while it’s still somewhat relevant. But whatever. I’m just going to try and enjoy it anyway.

  • I hate SATC, and sometimes it feels like I’m the only woman who does. When I watch them on screen, it just feels like I’m watching some old hags trying desperately to recapture their youth, and it’s really, really embarrassing.

    • i feel the same way– its really cringe worthy, they are too old to be acting like over-spoilt 16 year olds trying to be 25 year olds.

  • Am I the only one who thinks SATC is the most anti-feminist load of crap ever?
    Running around having lots of sex and trying to remain lokking like a 20 year old does not feel liberating at all. And each character is a stereotype of female roles. And its pretty cringe inducing in its cheesy, predictable and vapid plot lines.

  • OMFUCK i LOVE it!!! sorry to be so fancore but i cannot WAIT for this to drop, i am seriously spending all morning at work watching the trailer on repeat (and on mute) and CRYING i have such an emotional investment in these women, like more than real people in my actual life. that is kind of depressing, but i’m just going to go with it.

      • I’m the same way too! I can’t wait!! And Aiden being in the movie? Hell yes. He was always my favorite love of Carrie’s!

  • Get over it ladies! This series was a fun way us girls could get together and love something and laugh and enjoy it! Stop being so haggard and angry saying its an embarrassment. you’re angry at fictional women. of course no woman lives a life like them( well i’m sure some do and good for them what a life) but come on, its made over the top fabulous to be fun.

  • This movie might have the potential redeem the horrid, horrid first movie. With all of the cheesiness, I still love this series. And GOOD GOD Aidan looks hot in this movie!!!

  • I am about THE most progressive feminist type out there (who loves men and has wonderful sons, husband, brothers, male friends and father….just sayin…) who refused to watch the season stuff until I was forced.

    I LOVED it. The show empowers women and their friendships like no other show has ever been able to do. And it empowers women to love men.

    The first movie was ok. This actually looks like it will be great. It really makes not one whit of difference – I will watch whatever comes out!

    Sarah. Watch the whole show on DVD. You will not regret it.

    And to those of you who claim it is anti-woman in any way….well, all I can say is, you probably didn’t watch all the seasons. Or, you don’t like women who have solid relationships with each other.

  • Loved the series, but the movie sorta sucked. I am one of the few who wished Carrie married Aiden. He was the right one for her. He treated her like a queen, loved her deeply and was always there for her. Big just used her up, treated her terrible and Carrie took it. That to me is not a great role model for women. Some people DO look at these characters, especially Carrie, as role models. I just hope the movie is not another 2 1/2 hours of hearing Carrie whine about her pathetic life while wearing $500 shoes, $400 dress and carrying a $1200 purse all while sitting in newly decorated trendy apartment.

    That being said..I am so there for SATC 2.

    • no, you are NOT the only one! I loved Aiden so much! But, Carrie really f’ed him over! :D But, I am truly excited for this!!!!

    • You mean $1,200 shoes, $4,000 dress, and carrying a $7,000 purse. Just sayin’. …and I may be the only one, but I thought Aidan was whiny and too damn needy. Not that Carrie wasn’t, be he bugged me. Also, I’m ridiculously excited for the movie! Looks WAY more awesome than I originally thought. To the self-proclaimed feminists- SATC is meant to be a fun and funny series. Don’t take it so personally, it’s not politics, it’s just damn funny!

      • After watching the seasons over and over again throughout the years, I realize Aidan was the better choice. I think viewers become so engrossed in the story, and the characters wants and desires, they may not realize what a healthy relationship actually looks like. Aidan was not whiny. He was thoughtful, chivalrous, charismatic, gorgeous, funny, light-hearted, and non-argumentative (while at the same time, stood strong and would not allow himself to be taken advantage of). He wanted to love and take care of Carrie, and Big was a selfish as they come.

        Season 1: Carrie meets Big, and egomaniac who doesn’t want to call her his girlfriend. She “breaks up” with him (although she was never his girlfriend.

        Season 2: Carrie gets back together with Big. Big lets her know he’s moving to Paris and to only come if she’s going for herself. Carrie breaks it off again. Carrie learns later, Big becomes engaged to a 20-something girl, who he later marries (after telling Carrie he never wants to get married)

        Season 3: Carrie meets Big’s antithesis: Aidan. They start a full blown relationship, when along comes selfish Big who has second thoughts about his marriage to plain jane, 20-something girl. Carrie concedes and has an affair, telling Aidan two weeks after it blows up in her face. Aidan tells her that he knows himself and it isn’t something he can get over. Carrie is left without Big or Aidan

        Season 4: Carrie starts “seeing” Big again as friends. Carrie ends up dating a jazz musician with ADHD for a brief stint. Shortly after, she sees Aidan looking gorgeous as ever (and surprise!) wants him back. She gets him back after somewhat of a struggle of wills (she was practically on bended knee, begging him back). Of course, it ends because she decides to take him for granted. Realizing this, Aidan gives her an ultimatum (and rightly so!) Seeing their relationship is not progressing, Aidan goes on his merry way.

        Season 5: Carrie gets with another writer (boring I might add), and runs into Aidan, who is married with a baby strapped to his belly (a year later, no less)

        Season 6: Carrie gets with a Russian artist, and thinks she’s all grown up now. Hilarity ensues (I find it funny now) after she realizes it is not a match, and selfish Mr. Big comes back into her life telling her everything she wants to hear.

        Fast forward to SATC – the movie: Surprise, surprise: Big breaks her heart again, and gets cold feet at the alter. I mean, how much can a girl take. I’m not surprised her character looks like she’s been in a war with all the instability she’s allowed in her life.

        In conclusion, Aidan deserves better than Carrie. Aidan is a man for grown up women. Big is a guy (not a grown up) for women still grasping for the bad boy from their youth — someone like Carrie.

      • I agree with you although. i still want carrie with aidan. But i just dont want to see him hurt. Carrie needs to put Big aside and grow up. I never liked Big. Aidan was so charming and they had amazing chemistry. The last movie sucked i was sooo pissed when Carrie married Big, especially after he left at the alter, and then he just copied and pasted some damn poems. F*%$K that guy pisses me off.

  • I heart SITC and saw every episode and the first movie – I am however confused by this trailer. I live in Abu Dhabi and the Abu Dhabi I live in is NOT the one in this trailer. I am not sure where they filmed this movie but it most definitely was not here.