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Avril Lavigne Dates All Sorts of Guys

I mean, she went from a man with Hollywood’s widest nose to a man with Hollywood’s narrowest nose in, what, like three seconds flat? She might not be able to sing a note without the beauty of auto-tune, but her personal flair for guys has quite a range at any rate.

Lavigne filed for divorce from Deryck Whibley (who is — was, whichever — the lead singer of Sum 41) back in October and she’s already been linked to two or three different guys since then. I guess that’s part of the whole pink-princess “rock and roll” edge that she’s got to her, mmhmm?

Her latest confirmed sexual conquest is none other than Brody Jenner. The two allegedly started dating earlier this year, but despite that fact, she was spied getting cozy with her ex-husband, Whibley, recently. And alas, our very own grubby love triangle emerged in Hollywood this past week partying it up. Together. The three were said to have reserved a private VIP table at the W Hotel and later left in a car. Again, together. Later on the odd trio was said to grab a bit of an early breakfast at an all-night diner. The three did not leave together this time, however — Whibley was said to make a quick exit, while the other two lingered lovingly over red hot Formica and muddy coffee.

Um, say it with me: “Eewwwuh.”

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  • “she went from a man with Hollywood’s widest nose to a man with Hollywood’s narrowest nose”

    haha. true, true :)

    And Avril WISHES she had a “rock and roll” edge.

  • Hey! Avril can SO sing! She is one of the few out there who can and sings live as well. Just check out her performance from this March where she sings “Alice” on Jay Leno! I really don’t care who she dates, I just love her music and can’t wait for her fourth album in June:)

  • So? Is she not allowed to sleep with who she wants? She’s divorced, not legally bound to another man, so why are we passing judgment on the fact that she’s having fun?

    But, yes, Brody Jenner is effing disgusting. THAT, we should make fun of. :)

  • I think I’m gonna put her in my deadpool. She has to be top twenty. Can we start a deadpool in here?