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Sean Connery is Old, Yes, But is Still Stuck in 1942

And by that, I mean he’s got no problems hitting women and all the problems in the world with gay men kissing.

Connery and his wife were spied upon during the latest “Dressed to Kilt” Charity Fashion Show in NYC.  Much to Connery’s chagrin, there were homosexual couples in attendance — on the catwalk — and his alleged reaction to the men kissing said it all:  a sidelong look to his wife as if to say “Oh, my God.”

Man, if that’s not old-school, nothing is. Who bats an eye at a same-sex couple swapping spit nowadays, anyway?

The old Bond is no stranger to society’s ills, however.  In a 1965 interview with Playboy, he spoke about domestic violence:

“I don’t think there is anything particularly wrong about hitting a woman … If a woman is a bitch, or hysterical, or bloody-minded continually, then I’d do it.”

And yes, in case you’re wondering, that is his wife, looking like she was whacked several times — with the blunt end of the fugly club. You wouldn’t think that he’d have a problem with a man kissing a man, since that’s probably what it’s like when he’s bumping uglies with his lady, anyway.

I’m kidding.  That’s not nice.  I know that if you were to sit here and make fun of my great-grandmother’s shriveled appearance, I’d be pretty pissed, too. The elderly are off-limits when it comes to physical mockery, even if they do look like the male version of themselves.

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  • The elderly are NOT off-limits to physical mockery when they have big collagen lips! Mock on, I say!! Funny article, Sarah :)

    • Well, um . . . yes.

      Never mind that she is actually ugly . . . but I would never tolerate ANYONE hitting a woman — or hitting a man, for that matter.

      And I do not care when that interview was. There never has been a valid excuse for domestic violence, there is not one now, and there never will be. Sean Connery . . . well, he just sucks, doesn’t he?

      • I have heard of it. But . . . it’s intolerable (as well as mostly being an urban legend). I do not see what your point in mentioning it is?

      • you have not even read the article or heard the context of those comments, for all we know he was joking.

  • He said Oh my God? So what? I would do the same thing if I turned my head and saw two men kissing.

    It doesn’t mean he is against gay people and wants them to die.

    And what he said was back in 1965 for God’s sake!!! Show me a recent interview, and I’ll change my mind.

    • Agreed. He’s not allowed to think and talk to his wife? That’s a little ridiculous. It’s not as though he’s speaking out against homosexuality; he gave his wife a “look.” Good God, if I were judged for every “sidelong glance” I’ve ever given, I’d be roasting a nice toasty marshmallow in hell right now.

      And while I don’t agree with or support his 1965 comments, he could have been being sarcastic, and those comments could have been taken out of context. I’d be interested in reading the whole article before I passed judgement.

  • OMG you guys! Sean Connery gave a sidelong look to his wife! That is bigger than Sandra Bullock getting screwed over, spread the news!

    Nobody knows what that was about. He was probably wondering “damn, this woman is uglier than a cat’s ass with hemorrhoids”.

  • Keep on keeping on Sarah. When then elderly are homophobic pieces of crap, there is no set of boundaries to follow – rip them to shreds!!!!

  • Gah! I would say the same thing, and I’m the furthest thing from a homophobe. Doesn’t mean I’m not caught off guard by two model men swapping spit on the catwalk. Wearing KILTS, nonetheless.

  • I bet his wife has got a lot going for her to stay in a relationship with him for so long ( and look at her outfit – she’s got style), but she looks like a guy. So I don’t know what he’s fussing about. I guess she’s softer.

  • I think if I were at a fashion show where two men kissed on stage I would probably give a sidelong glance to my partner because I’d be thoroughly irritated that that THEY WERE DOING IT FOR EFFECT. You don’t put a man and a woman up there playing tonsil tennis because it’s not as entertaining. Shame on them for using it as shock value and then having people get sh*t for having a reaction.

    Maybe once we stop using same-sex intimacy as entertainment in this culture we can accept it as “normal.”

  • In my opinion I really dont like seeing straight or gay make out sessions in public, both make me uncomfortable. There is no need to put on a show and tickle each others tonsils. That being said there is nothing wrong with normal kissing.

  • The truth is, nobody knows what that look to his wife was except those two. I swear, I don’t know about you lefties anymore. I for one, would vomit if I saw two dudes makin’ out. That, or call them a couple of queers, then point and laugh. Let’s face it, guys are gross, no one wants to see them kiss. God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. As for the whole hitting a girl thing, just go by this rule of thumb: never hit a bitch unless she’s got it comin’ to her!

  • Maybe it was just because of the PDA. My gramma doesn’t like PDA either. We went to lunch last weekend & a young coule were all ovewr each other & my gramma made several comments about it. I could really tell it made her uncomfortable. They (my gramma & Sean) are of a generation where ‘that sort of thing’ isn’t accepatble.

    • Opps, lots of typo’s. You get the point thought, right?
      Even in my email addy, it changed my avatar.

  • He’s grossed out by two men kissing. He apparently never had is eyes open when kissing his wife.

  • I would’ve done it too, and I would’ve done if it were a man and a woman, or two women. Why would they have people making out at a fashion show?

  • Dizzle, NOT LIKING the idea of 2 men kissing is one thing. SHOUTING RUDE COMMENTS AT THEM makes you a Nazi and a racist!!