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Sandra Bullock’s Babysitting Jesse’s Kids Now

Before you know it, she’ll be the one picking the douche up from rehab and going home with him to enjoy a home-cooked meal.

God, I hope not and shudder to even consider the thought.

Yep, James is back in rehab, more to salvage his reputation than for actual sex-therapy purposes, even though he checked out earlier this past week after only being there for mere hours.

Sandra was photographed with Jesse’s two girls this morning, and no one looked all that happy about it, either.

Sources close to the estranged couple state:

“It’s a positive sign about Sandra’s relationship with Jesse.”

I just hope that Sandra’s closeness with the children has more to do with her feelings for them rather than trying to help James out while he’s in the porky.

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  • When you have a relationship with someone else’s kids, it really sucks when the primary relationship ends. Then you’re mourning the loss of more than one relationship. Good for Sandra for maintaining the relationships with the kids. I hope she’s not going back to the douche rocket, though.

  • I’m not surprised they look miserable, given what’s been going on in their lives. I’m glad Sandra was mature enough to give them some of the consistency and love they must surely need.

  • They look miserable because they know that there will be pictures of them all over the internet and the tabloids and people will be wondering if Sandra is thinking about forgiving Jesse and making nasty comments about it.

    She is with the kids because she and the girls love each other and their relationship has nothing to do with Sandra’s relationship with Jesse.

  • This is a photo that makes me happy-a celeb who actually GETS the fact that children are people with feelings. When you marry a guy with kids, they become part of your family. Getting divorced from the dick doesn’t mean you divorce the kids. You must maintain those relationships no matter what. Kids need to know that you love them-even if their father fucks Nazis with tattooed foreheads.

  • I agree with Dizz that she doesn’t seem to be the type to walk away from a commitment to children. But I hope it’s not just his hook to keep the woman about whom he told a mistress (which one? I forget.) that the marriage was for publicity and that they would be divorcing soon (pre-Bombshell).

    If he loved Sandra as much as his lawyer claims, he wouldn’t have been constantly and dangerously unfaithful to her during the entire course of their marriage.

    I just hope that he doesn’t successfully use his children as pawns in this game.

  • I am gonna get a lot of heat for this, but I think that SB should stay with JJ. She probably knew about his cheating and was just pissed that it was public. Sandra is no naive flower. Look at his past and it predicts the future. SB did not go into this marriage blind. She knew what was up and she should just stay with him. These two are probably more alike than we think. SB could not have been that dumb to not know who he was and what he believed. It was not like it was a one night stand and she found out about his crap. She was with him for what..almost 7 years. Secrets are spilled in that time and I am sure that JJ spilled his more than once (no pun intended). So unless SB is a complete idiot, she was aware of some of JJ’s secrets and beliefs.

    • Even if you are right & she did know – Just because she didn’t leave him a long time ago and should have, doesn’t mean she shouldn’t leave him now. Sometimes it takes awhile for a person to get it through their heads that it’s not worth it even if they love the person.