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Blossom Cast to Reunite? Oh, Puh-lease and Thank You!

Remember that crazy-bitchin’ old show, Blossom?  The one that starred Mayim Bialik and her zany fishing hats with the over-sized flowers perched precariously on top?  Yeah, I so used to rock those hats … back when I was cool, that is. I had about forty of them in different colors and patterns. Being a product of the eighties, I wanted to be Blossom in every way.  She was, like, the epitome of high-class teenagers. … In total retrospect, at any rate.

It’s been confirmed that three of the key players on the 90’s show will reunite — just not Joey Lawrence, because he’s too busy being obscurely irrelevant — on the Fox comedy ‘Til Death on April 25th. Mayim Bialik, Jenna Von Oy and Michael Stoyanov will all appear on the show in a dream-sequence-type reenactment.

‘Til Death‘s producer, Don Reo, came up with the idea of a Blossom reunion because he’s running out of other options he originally created the concept for the original Blossom show and thought it’d be a kitschy little thing to do.

And I agree.  I don’t watch ‘Til Death, but I’ll be tuning in on April 25th just to relive my youth.  Again.

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  • I seriously had like, 8 bucket hats in all colors and prints. God, I was awesome in middle school.

    We went on a field trip in 8th grade, and I modeled my outfit 100% after Blossom. I tracked down capri pants (my mother drove me over 50 miles to find a store that had them), a light blue tee with a monkey face on it, and a navy blue and white striped bucket hat.

    Oh, Blossom, the memories you’ve given me…

  • OK the name Blossoms or any the descriptions don’t ring a bell whatsoever with me, but when I saw this girl (and her nose) all of a sudden I got tons and tons of images of her in weird looking hats. It’s like this vague distant memory. And she wore really long skirts with funny print.

  • Sorry, when I watched Blossom I never noticed her hats or her nose. I was too busy staring at Six’s ass.

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