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Jennifer Garner’s Stalker Got Sent to The Loony Bin

We hear a lot about how often celebrity stalking is not taken seriously enough, but sometimes we hear stories of justice being served. Steven Richard Burky, the man who was found guilty on charges of stalking Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, has been sent to live in a mental institution. From Radar Online:

“Steven Richard Burky, pleaded no contest today to two counts of felony stalking. Judge Katherine Mader then found him not guilty by reason of insanity and sentenced him to Patton State Hospital. Deputy District Attorney Wendy Segall said the judge made her ruling based on reports from two psychiatrists who examined Burky.”

On the chance that Steven is released from the mental institution, there has also been a 10-year, 500-yard restraining order put in place to protect Ben, Jen and the kids.

It’s definitely a positive sign for celebrities that their safety is being taken seriously, but it’s slightly sad to know that scaling the side of someone’s house to deliver them the presents you made them out of your own body hair will now get you locked away. Whatever. As long as James Franco loves the pet dog I wove him out of my pubes, I am totally fine eating Jell-O on a cot for the next 20 years of my life. I’ve seen Girl, Interrupted. I can hack that shit for James.

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  • Did he get sent to jail for bad taste?

    Who in their right mind would stalk Jennifer Garner?

  • I read somewhere that James totally hates pube dogs, and is really into wearing necklaces made of fingernail clippings, so I got him covered, Molls, sorry you missed the boat on that one. : )

  • 500 yards? That’s the length of 5 (American) football fields. The idea that he can’t be within 500 yards of his beloved Jennifer Garner for 10 years must be driving him crazy. Oh, wait, never mind. Guess he already is crazy.
    Uh-oh, Steven Richard Burky has that triple name thing going on, which seems to be a prerequisite for serial killers. Hope Jen (and authorities) keeps him on her radar and that she and her family stay safe.
    The main problems with ‘guilty by reason of insanity’ for this guy are that all he may need to secure his release is to be declared sane/mentally stable again and insane people aren’t likely to be terribly deterred by 500 yard, 10-year legal boundaries.