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Paris Hilton Emerges From Under Rock and Does Stuff

Paris Hilton (remember her?) was spotted out and about in LA yesterday with sister, Nicky, looking, well, like a semi-normal human being.

It’s almost kind of one of those “Where’s Waldo” photos or “What’s wrong with this picture” ads. I mean, no exposed snatch, no greasy heir on her arm, no bow-legged skinny-cow stance. I’m … confused.

I actually kind of miss the old, golden gossip days where Paris was hooking up with this one and getting engaged to that one … I mean, she still looks the same: poorly bleached hair of a very unnatural shade, tiny, baby-doll dresses and huge sunglasses, but guys … she’s changed inside or something. Yeah, she’s still trying to party with VS models and still trying to release that fabled album, but … damn, it’s just not the same.

Could it be that old wonky-eye is growing up? I’ll be honest, Paris — you’ve kinda made me proud. Bored, yes, but proud — I guess so!

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  • Paris Hilton is old now. She’s not enough of a train wreck to be interesting at her age and she’s too old to be interesting with her little girl shenanigans. And she’s not talented in any way to stay noteworthy so she’s fading away. I could not be happier for I hate this woman.

  • I think somewhere along the line she realized that it’s more than a little pathetic for someone rapidly approaching 30 years old still playing into that dumb blonde Malibu Barbie with ghonorrea look. She probably took a look at what a hot mess Lindsay and Britney were/have become and decided to steer clear.

    On a side note, I hope she donates those shoes to Haiti to be used as canoes or small fishing boats.

  • She plays the dumb blond but face it, she made millions off it. so who is the real idiot?

    I always said she knew how to screw men, people and the public. She is no fool. She made as much money as she could and now can ride it out a long time.

    no talent that is for sure, except making th money part. Let see if she can keep it. or be stupid like most others.

    also she might have toned it down when the Johnson chic went south. that probably stung a bit. we all lose connections with the past and a death can bring it right back fast.

    doubt this one will end up like that or like lindsay.

  • She’s no longer irrelevant that’s all

    I can’t wait for the same fate to happen to the kardashians