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Courtney Love Calls the Kettle Black

Courtney Love just can’t keep her sore-infested mouth shut — about anyone or anything.

Love currently blasts her late murder victim husband, Kurt Cobain, and his drug-using ways.  Courtney claims that she did drugs “recreationally” (you can just tell by her face that this is one woman who only did drugs intermittently) and enjoyed their casual use, but Cobain allegedly had another reason for using — his desperate acquisition of personal and political anarchy.  She then went on to call Cobain an “oblivion-seeker” and ever-so-obviously quipped that this fact led to his demise:

“He had his drug life. He was an oblivion seeker. I never wanted that. I was the kind of drug addict that just wanted to be comfortable in my skin. Escapism once in a blue moon. Kurt would just go on until he dropped. So he died, that wasn’t fun.”

Nothing says ‘guilt’ like beating a horse that’s been dead for sixteen years.

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  • When I saw her face one word immediately came to mind – macabre !

    The goofy left brow, the cheap make-up, the ugly cut and colored hair, the antiquated clothing, the bizarre ( I guess it’s her nose).

    She looks like a french whore, or one of the participants caught leaving the tent at some freak show.

    Ughhhhh….I’m starting to itch!

  • “So he died, that wasn’t fun.”
    Well, she may never win any other awards, but I think she deserves the “Understatement of the Century” one.

  • Well, being the widow of 90’s music icon and the mother of Kurt’s offspring who is sick of her shit is the only reason she’s even relevant anymore. It sounds like she’s just grasping at straws for a reason to be recognized. Perhaps that why she’s bothced her face to hell. Good grief Courtney! You look like a partially melted candle.

  • he was a drug addict, like you courtney, and a suicidally depressed man that you didn’t help when he needed it.

    it’s pretty low to go after your own dead husband, who was much more talented than you are. you really are a disgusting leech off other people’s fame.

  • Addicts always love to say that somebody else does it more than them. It’s their way of trying to rationalize they don’t really have (that big of) a problem.
    She could use a 2 year live-in rehab – as a starting point.

  • Why won’t anyone accept the truth that huge abuse of drugs made him constantly ill and kept him in great pain and he was glad to end it all rather than quit or find out he had a deadly tumor or cancer. He absolutely abandoned his wife and daughter to die alone.

    • I don’t think anyone has ever denied his depression and drug abuse was the reason for his death.

  • To a degree, Love is demystifying Cobain’s death. Love may be an addict, but she’s alive, which means it hasn’t conquered her, but who knows about tomorrow. The whole deal between her and her daughter comes across as two raggy broads that need to get the hell away from each other. Even keel temperament is not in Francis’ genes.

  • Really you guys? Geez…..
    Let me put it this way, having a drug addict brother myself, I know EXACTLY what she’s talking about. Drugs suck and addicts are the most self centered assholes on the planet. You guys are so eager jump all over this woman for shit you apparently can’t even relate to. Let her do her thing and make her music – she fucking rocks. There are so many more significant things in this world to be that pissed off about than Courtney Love.

  • omg i also have a drug addict boyfreind. it not easy! at all dont judge someone untill u walk a mile in their shoes. there is nothing courtney could have done. addiction is a tricky thing u can try and try to help but nothing ever does. i understand yall r fans but did any of u know him or their situation? no. what happend in their personal life is theirs. u dont know everything that went on in kirts life or courtneys. no one knows the full story. poor woman has been threw hell i can imagine. i dont understand y people tear her appart. kirt im sure loved her and i have a hard time beleiving he would b ok with people trashing her like this

    • Oh come on! Courtney has spent the last 16 years since he died being a useless mother, and capitalizing off of Kurt’s death! I doubt that “Kirt” would be cool with that.

  • ….That’s the picture I was looking at in my mind when I phoned her! She was mean. Then she played a private gig.