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I Didn’t Even Know That Justin Bieber Knew Who Mariah Carey Was

Boy, this little kid’s turning out to be a real pain in the ass. Maybe one day, he’ll actually receive notoriety kind of like that of Johnny Knoxville or something and then his dumb quips might be considered appropriate. At least in certain circles.

Bieber takes his latest pre-pre-pubescent angst out on Her Highness, Mariah Carey, and compares her to a basketball player past his time — old and irrelevant. When interviewed this past week about current pop stars like Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and Beyonce, the ever-present Mimi came up in conversation. Little Bieber had more than a mouthful to say about the pop star’s fame:

“I don’t love her new music, it’s not the same … It’s like Michael Jordan coming back to the NBA. She is past her best.”

Now, I’m not saying that I disagree with the kid … and I normally wouldn’t stick up for someone like Mariah Carey, but then again, I grew up in the eighties and nineties and I know what Mariah’s best actually was.  Subjectively.  See, we ladies of the eighties have to stick together over stuff like this.  Disses coming from a child who looks like he was born in the year 2000 are kind of inappropriate, as was the dig on Michael Jordan.

I blasted Ke$ha earlier in the week for calling out Baby Bieber, but she might just have something. The kid’s a tool-in-training and the only thing I know him for is being an over-exposed child star who thinks he’s got Michael Jackson-type caliber for the future.

Fail, Baby Beebs, fail.

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  • I still stand by my belief that this isn’t a boy, but rather Samantha Ronson’s younger body-double.

    • i said he was the lost triplet from the annoying code and dylan sprouse family.

      but your observation is keen and much better. lol

      notice since lindsay hasnt been mentioned neither has it either? all trash losers.

  • This kid makes me wish Ashton was still doing Punk’d. In fact, I think he should come out of retirement just for this.

  • I cant stand either one. Never like either one, doubt i will.

    can we make both go away?

    Little poser and miss shove 15 lbs on a 4 lb bag?

    Both make fools of themselves.

  • WOW. Even if you really are this much of a tool, what are the chances you’re also dumb enough to think this sh*t is okay to say out loud? I thought this kid was pretty innocuous – and he is – but… just wow. That is one tiny, tiny baby asshole.

  • Oh, and in what universe is he remotely in Mariah Carey’s league when it comes to talent?? Justin Bieber, just shut up.

  • Driving around in a 1/4 million dollar car obviously has gone to this baby boy’s head. Justin, STFU. You are a child. Keep this up and you’ll be gone in a minute which is about a minute less than you’ll last otherwise.

  • I hope she doesn’t respond to this….and I’m especially hoping she doesn’t respond to it through song.

    We all know she’ll have the last laugh when no one even remembers his name in a year. Looking at her bank account should get her through it.

    Also, someone should be coaching these kids on how/what to say in interviews. I don’t really see him as an asshole, just too young and naive to know any better. Its the adults around him who are the money-grubbing a-holes.

  • Before reading his comments I thought, “he’s ok, maybe he’ll have a decent career, maybe not”. But after reading his comment and discovering what a smug, arrogant, conceited, stupid, immature, and unsupervised fucking tool he is, I can tell you now his career will be short lived. Is anyone surprised Usher is an influence in this punks life? Look at all the ass holes in Hollywood who had decent talent but are now Blog fodder. Ten years tops before we are discussing this losers over dose death.

    • Your kid needs to get a new role model, or he’ll be talking like that to you in a few years.

      You’re a stand up parent, really. /sarcasm

      • So…attacking a famous teenager will make you sleep better at night?
        Grow up. He’s only 16. He seems like a nice kid.
        Also, I’m sure he’s MUCH WORSE than all the other teenage roll models out there like Miley Cyrus. I mean, a nice boy from Canada is DEFINITELY such a worse influence. Not to mention that I mean, he doesn’t do drugs or drink, or let alone smoke or get stupid tattoos.
        Oh my god. Can’t think of a worse role model.

        Give it a break. I’m not sure who stuck a broom up your rear, but it’s definitely there.

      • Miley Cyrus? I’m probably that girls biggest critic, but I tell you what “Hillary”, as ignorant, silly, and immature as she may be at times (she has gotten better), I can not recall one instance where she was so fucking stupid as to shit on someone in the industry as big as Mariah Carey (in an interview no less). Who would have thought that a well educated Canadian kid from a good family is even more ignorant than some beaver toothed, lemonade drinking, tire swinging, piece of American white trash.

        Not Good Canada!

      • beaver toothed lemonade drinking tire swinging piece of trash.. lmfao…… that’s hillarious.

      • …I’m pretty sure that racist is the wrong word to use here. How does race have anything to do with preference of famous teenagers?
        P.S. Miley Cyrus shits on disney all the time. The emprise that made her HUGE. Ripping on your own manager is totally cool though, I guess. I mean, you only owe your empire and fame to them, why be nice to them when they’re only making you like 18 million dollars a year?

  • He annoys the fuck out of me. He’s not very interesting to talk to; he repeats the interview question before he answers, he says, ‘Man’ and ‘ya know’ way too much, and in the end, doesn’t really say much at all.

    He’s going to be the next John Mayer. Boy needs a speaking coach, stat!

  • Can’t stand this little girly boy. UGH. My teenager calls Bieber “a chick with a dick…maybe”.

  • It’s irrelevant whether or not Mariah is past her prime, all I know is that the girl has had a pretty decent career for longer than Justin has been alive.

  • I had to listen to this little twerp on sattellite radio. Holy crap. Everytime I see him I think of a) Samantha Ronson, and b) that episode of the Brady Bunch when Peter Brady hit puberty and his voice got all quirky and the kids were worried about losing the talent competition.

  • I think Justin is good, he’s a good role model.
    Although he said something he shouldn’t say out loud, but if he’s honest to himself, then it’s okay……
    just like the way you haters talk about him… you’re honest to yourselves!!
    You can’t lie just to please other famous singers; otherwise you’ll lose something else…like dignity!!?!
    It’s only a normal boy’s comment, so what??
    You can talk as loud as you want, why can’t he?

    • “otherwise you’ll lose something else…like dignity!!”

      So in order to remain dignified, one must not bite their tongue, but instead go around and bad mouth people? Well, since I am now in fear of losing my “dignity”, let me be “honest to myself” and tell you that you’re an ass-wipe.

      Wow…much better.

  • He’s like 15….wow some of you are just SO COOL talking crap about a 15 year old! Give me a break. I was a very intelligent, well raised teenager but I’m sure that even then I probably was saying stupid stuff like him.

  • He’s not old enough or anywhere near Mariah’s league to be saying things like that. Of course Mariah won’t say anything back at him, he’s insignifficant. I bet he can’t even name one new song of Mariah’s new songs. Anyway, did he forget that he started on youtube? and that usher dissed him the first time he tried singing for him? Oh yeah he worked hard for his career.. my A**! Record labels really need to stop throwing kids into the industry this young, their little mouths aren’t potty trained and are pissng all over the industry.

  • Did his first album debut number 1? NO.. How many number one hits has he had? None.. Mariah’s latest tour was #7 on the highest income grossing tours of 2009 with an average seat costing 108$ .. I wonder if the parents of all those little preteen girls would ever be willing to pay that much.. nope im sure his tickets will go at about 40$ tops! anyway His career is just starting so he shouldn’t be talking smack about a Legend in the industry. She’s sold over 175million albums worldwide.. will he even reach 50mil in his entire career? doubt it.. does he write any of his music? nope.. he is just 16, (by the way i thought he was 10 he’s tiny!) but at 16 your cognitivity should be developed.. come on justin! GET ON IT

  • I stand by my original opinion of him. If he had chosen Justin Timberlake over Usher he would have been great. He has amazing potential, just not with Usher who is completely washed out.

    • I have to agree with you. I think he is this arrogant because Usher is his mentor.. Timberlake would have taught him how to respect others and be nice and kind, and very funny…
      And don’t get me wrong, i love Usher’s music, i just think he thinks he’s a God, and i don’t like his arrogant personality.

  • He’s annoying as shit, but he does make a good point about Mimi. Don’t you hate it when annoying people make good points? It’s so annoying!

    And no, we ladies of the eighties don’t need to stick together. Mariah was dull back then…and she looks and sounds exactly the same 20 years later.

  • heay justin i dont give a fuck wat all those bitches say i still love and i will still get in trouble by staring at your face in hot teens face magizine all day in class bye for now