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Courtney Cox Looking Pretty Okay on Cougar Town Set

Monica Geller Courtney Cox was photographed on the set of new show Cougar Town and she’s looking pretty damned good, considering circumstances. And by “circumstances”, I mean “what the fuck happened to all of the Friends characters’ faces?”

Jennifer Aniston’s really been the only one blessed in the anti-aging department but the rest of the cast … damn. I know everybody gets old but … just, damn.

Check out the gallery below for what the Friends cast looks like in 2010.

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  • it has been like 15 years since the show originally aired, i mean age is enevitable. I would much rather see a person age than botox the Shit out of themselves and look like plastic!

  • It’s spelled Courteney Cox-Arquette, not Courtney. Just saying.

    And yeah holy crap, what happened to Joey?

    • Was coming to post about the spelling too.. Courteney is how my name is spelled as well– please correct!

  • They look fine, just older, maybe you could find pictures of them not making faces, Matthew Perry is just talking or something and Lisa Kudrow looks great, she’s licking her lips. Matt LeBlanc looks pretty good, he’s just going gray.

    P.S. Sara isn’t a very good blogger.

  • They don’t look that bad and Courtney has had a ton of work done. I think she looks scary up close!

    • I agree about CC’s ton of plastic surgery. No one looks that good at 45 and her mouth is so oddly huge now.

      • It’s odd how differently people see the same thing – to me, she looks like she’s done almost nothing other than stay in great shape. Maybe she dyes her hair, but so what?

        I’d buy her approach to her health any day, if it were for sale. She just looks better than many of us do, at any age!

    • Generally knees and elbows look quite rough if you’re very skinny past being about 25.

      Also, may I add: OH JOEY. Please study George Clooney and take notes on how to do grey.

  • It’s so funny, because I watch a lot of Friends reruns and just the other day, I was thinking about how long ago it really was. Even to see how much they all changed from season 1 to season 10. Seeing them now, though, especially the ones who aren’t in the public eye all of the time like Monica and Rachel, it’s just weird to see them old. It’s like when I see kids I used to baby-sit after like 10 years and they’re all of the sudden 18 and they don’t look like I think they should (which of course means they don’t look the same as they did 10 years ago). Aging is a bitch.