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Christina Aguilera Trying to Get Back in the Game With New Single

Her new single, “Not Myself Tonight” doesn’t drop from her anticipated new album, Bionic until March 30th, but you can check out a snippet here on Evil Beet.

This’ll be Christina’s first album since Back to Basics, which was released in 2006.

The song’s not bad and it’s a far cry from her Genie in a Bottle days — thankfully — but I still don’t get why everyone’s trying to be Lady Gaga nowadays. Based on the whole electronic vibe of the song and robotic-theme of the upcoming album, Bionic seems pretty cool, but it’s been done, girlfriend. Like, forty times over.


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  • Yep, I agree, it just feels like she (or her producers) are just trying to follow in the success of Gaga. Which is a shame because I think he voice can do better than that style of music, but whatever.

  • I am so sick of people thinking Lady Gaga coined the eccentric thing first. Eccentricity has been around for decades, and for the most part, gaga uses ideas and concepts that have already been done, just not in the main stream. Christina Aguilera is in no way copying her, nor is anyone else. Everyone is just trying to express themselves.

  • haven’t heard it yet but yeah the whole robotic approach feels like a “mee too” situation. And yeah lady gaga did not invent eccentricity but she has currently made it the mainstream look and sound that a lot of others are immitating at the moment.

  • I liked Back to Basics the most out of all her albums, including the retro look she sported while promoting it.

  • I think that the whole “electronic” direction in music has been prominent, even before Gaga. Lady Gaga just got the most publicity from it. People who compare the two need just want something to rant about. Everything is recycled and redone. The difference in them is that Lady Gaga is a pretty good singer with a great vision, whether it be manufactured, or in fact her. Christina hands down takes the cake as the most powerful and best “voice” of this generation.

  • I heard she is working with Sia on this new album, so I’m hopeful for more than just “electronic.”

  • Madonna’s “Music” album was pretty big on the electronic sound, if I remember correctly. Then again, the electronic sound isn’t really such a huge idea anymore – it just gets dusted off and given a new spin once every decade or so. The person who makes the biggest break with the sound in a particular decade is given credit and all others seem to fall by the wayside.

  • Christina is done, end of story
    unfortunately having a really great voice does not guarantee you’ll stay in the game