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Jesse James May Be More Involved With That Nazi Stuff Than We Originally Thought

This whole Jesse James cheating scandal is turning out to be so much worse than I would have ever imagined. First we find out that he allegedly carried on an affair with a “tattoo model” (can you believe that that’s a real job?), then we find out that she’s into some Nazi shit, and now we find out that Jesse may be linked to the whole White Supremacy movement himself.


Jesse also reportedly has white power connections through his ex-wife, porn star Janine Lindemulder. She is currently married to Jeremy Aikman, who is said to be “an admitted skinhead”. Aikman goes by the name “Lefty” on his MySpace page (which is private), and his last status update on Wednesday said, “What goes around comes around.” Could that be a dig against Jesse?

Lastly, some have pointed to this logo of Jesse’s company, West Coast Choppers, as further proof of his white supremacist beliefs. It does look at a lot like a German cross used frequently in Nazi art. If all this is true, we’d bet some of his tattoos are also in some way connected to white power.

If the cheating (which probably happened) and the Nazi ties (which I think are likely exaggerated in terms of Jesse’s involvement), then America’s image of their Sweetheart and her rough and tumble biker husband being the perfect “opposites attract” couple is going to crumble quick.

I find this whole thing to be very disheartening. Tiger Woods was surprising in a totally different way. I would think after switching from a porn star to one of Hollywood’s most beloved and wholesome starlets, Jesse would have shaken the whole “I like trashy broads” thing. Sad.

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  • I read on TMZ and Newser today that someone is shopping around a photo of him in a nazi hat giving the heil hitler salute and making a hitler moustache with the other hand. Seriously. TMZ say there’s no doubt that it’s him in the photo…

  • I just hate it for Sandra Bullock and his kids. He damn sure wasn’t thinking of their welfare. He sucks.

  • I’m sure Sandra’s in on this Neo Nazi bullshit.

    It must have killed her to show white people helping out a black kid in ‘The Blind Side.’ I bet they both laughed their asses off after she won the Oscar. Biggest scam of all time!

  • I live right down the street from West Coast Choppers. It’s actually looks more like a Celtic Cross. Besides the original Swaticka comes from the Buddist. Kristen, It was your Grandpappy Hilter that hijacked it.

  • “Can you believe that’s a real job?” says the person who posts pictures taken by other people, of other people who do somewhat interesting things, and then writes nonsensical crap about them.

    Yes We Can!