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Jesse James Hooks Up With Some Classy Ladies, No Doubt.

Jesse James’ mistress, Michelle McGee, is one high-class broad. In case you couldn’t tell by the forehead tattoo, the Nazi photo shoot should sum it on up for you.

McGee recently had some more dirty laundry aired out — she worked for an internet-based “girlfriend” service and now her latest social faux-pas (aside from sleeping with a married man who happens to be united with a top Hollywood actress) was posing for a Nazi-themed photoshoot, with matching “white power” tattoos on the backs of her hindquarters.

Sophisticated mama.

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  • Trashiest woman i’ve seen in a loong long time. Jesse James is an embicile for cheating on Sandra.

  • When did someone who looks like THIS classify as a bombshell. I have nothing against well done tattoos, but this broad (she is not a lady by any means) has some of the trashiest and ill thought of tattoos i have ever seen.
    Glorifying Nazi’s is so not cool.

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  • Who cares!!! My boyfriend thinks the same with me. He- is eight years older than me, lol. We met online at an age gap dating site- A_ge_m_i n_g l e @ c/ /o// m a nice and free place for Younger- Women and Older Men, or Older Women and Younger Men, to interact with each other. Maybe you wanna check out or- tell your friends.

  • Jesse, how can you do this to your wife, our beloved Sandy? And to your children? And with that trashy swamp thing???
    This chick looks like Travis Barker with long hair and a half-decent rack.
    I’ve read that she’s bi-polar and that one of her kiddos (yes, alarmingly, she has apparently procreated and more than once) is half-Jewish and gets teased by Mommy Dearest for that heritage.
    In McGee’s defense, the W & P tattoos actually stand for Whirl Pool and not White Power. She and her tattoo artist at her local klavern haven’t realized that whirlpool is actually one word.

  • Should have said: *I’ve read that she’s an unstable, bi-polar druggie and that one of her kiddos…*
    I’m sure that there are some perfectly pleasant bi-polar peeps out there.

    • … that means she had sex with a jew for him to be half jewish. why would she make fun of him? makes no sense.

      • That is a straightforward scenario. I read the kid story On RadarOnline.
        This “Bombshell” lady has apparently been acting erratically in general, running around proudly displaying Nazi Swastikas on her person, tattooing herself into oblivion, describing herself as demented, working as an extreme fetish model/stripper, and sleeping with Sandra Bullock’s husband.
        The prospect of making sense of the salient details of her life seems like a meaningless exercise. Perhaps bigotry fully made its way into her life sometime after the conception or birth of her half-Jewish son.

      • That pretty much sums it up. Well put.

        But hey, years ago my black girlfriend accused me of being racist. Hmmm.. go figure…

        Anyhow it’s a terrible situation.

        I still like the look tho..don’t know why, but. that’s just how the cookie crumbles.

  • wow…usually I’m not offended by much from pop media, but this is truly reprehensible. A sexy Nazi? Did she not have a grandfather or mother who served in WWII? Does she dance on the mass anonymous graves sprinkled around Europe? As if the Nazis wouldn’t have slit her throat too…

  • Ever since photos of her have starting flying out of the woodwork, I can’t get over how much she looks like a low-rent Kat von D. Which is a pretty low bar to start with.

  • Jesse is an ass…he only apologized because he got caught, just like the other ass..Tiger…Sandra is a beautiful, classy lady, and he was lucky to have her..she loved his kids, and accepted him and all his baggage, and he has the gall to do this to her???? I bet his kids miss Sandy..

  • This is one skanky, nasty female. From what I picture of Sandra, I just can’t see her staying with him after this. And who can blame her? Jesse James is a dumbass.

  • What I find more disgusting about this dude is that Sandra took care of her 3 children, basically raised them, being a mom to those kids who were not hers, and still he goes and cheats on her without caring about her feelings or even his children’s feelings.

  • I might be willing to work through issues with a cheating spouse, but not if this is who he was fucking. I don’t want to fuck a Nazi. Ever. Not even second hand…

    • A) I have and would only kick a cheater to the curb. The only way to work through those issues is divorce, jail,or death.

      Some of the gals I hadda kick to the curb make Nazis seem, well, at least their peers, on account of having complete narcissistic tendencies and utterly no empathy towards the world outside of themselves. Really. No exaggeration.

  • sandra bullock is a fucking moron for marrying this guy in the first place. out of all the guys she dated, she chose the guy who left his previous pornstar wife while 7 months pregnant? You people who cry for her are stupid.

  • I’m not saying it’s ok to be pro nazi, part of my family is Jewish and my Gradfather served in WWII, but I’m pretty sick of the fact that it’s ok to be proud of being any race BUT white.

  • “White Power” is about a whole lot more than white pride (as are neo-Nazi movements). It is also very much about the subjugation and denigration of “others.” You picked a peculiar moment/thread to chime in on the egalitarianism of racial/ethnic pride.
    Also, should we assume that your grandfather served with the Allies during WWII? Because, well, there was a whole other side of combatants who also “served in WWII.”

  • holy fucking trash batgirl! don’t know what she sees in that guy but he came to her that way so it’s weird she took him in. so like what is this trash to him? a relapse?