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Jennifer Love Hewitt’s New, Shorter “Break-Up” Hair

After splitting with boyfriend Jamie Kennedy a little over a week ago, Jennifer Love Hewitt already appears to be squarely on step four of the breakup routine:

1. Get really drunk with your friends

2. Embarrassing phone call / email to ex (sometimes done concurrently with step 1)

3. Question self worth

4. Get a new hairdo (some women replace “hairdo” with “tattoo”)

5. Have a rebound

6. Regret Rebound

7. Say you just want to concentrate on “you” and be single for a while

It’s not surprising she’s already on to step four. She’s an old pro at this by now.

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  • Just got computer virus crap from ad on this post. When are you going to put an end to this bulls–t?

    • If you’re using Firefox, download AdBlock (just google it to find it). Evil Beet is actually the reason I installed it–up to recently, I allowed the ads because I know that’s how the websites I enjoy make money. But once the ads get so intrusive I can’t enjoy the site anymore, AdBlock goes up, suckas.

  • ok i’m a little sleep deprived and caffeine happy right now, but just to clarify and not come off as a random weirdo: Good Job Kelly! and keep up the good work…

  • Sorry, but the new ‘do’ ages her face. Hey Love, try some extensions and forget about Jamie Kennedy. You are the star! :-) Not him!

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