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Hipster Love

Mark Ronson was spotted leaving a London hotel, holding hands with a “mystery girl” who is both breaking the tights-are-not-pants rule and inspiring a new rule, which I am going to call the Navajo-blankets-are-not-jackets rule.

There’s also something going on below the knee that could be boots, or could be garbage bag shin guards wrapped over suede booties. Garbage bag greaves are only acceptable if you are A) homeless, or B) going to clean up a crime scene.

Slow down mystery girl! Life is short and all, but you don’t have to try to break every fashion rule in a single day!

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  • she is wearing riding breeches and half-chaps. don’t think its cause she is an equestrian. think she just wants to look cool. so not.

  • I’ve seen her with him before, can’t remember the name, some French model, I think. He seems to choose weird-looking girls who make him look even hotter… Not that he needs to do that…

  • I give you +100 points for using the word “greaves” entirely appropriately on a celebrity gossip blog. I want to see Perez Hilton incorporate “halberd” and “glaive” into his posts.

  • How kind of you Kelly not to mention every fashion rule she broke with that atrocious fucking face! With a couple of spirals on her cheeks she could audition for a SAW sequel!

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  • I disagree! Tights can be worn as pants (with a long enough shirt over it) IF you can pull it off. This lass can certainly pull it off! Don’t hate, Kelly!!

  • hipsters do not care about the rules that everyone else dresses, to care would be very non-hipsterish. Which is why i kinda love the way they express themselves with clothes.

  • Um, yeah, clearly that IS a jacket. It’s from the line that Pendleton did for Opening Ceremony.

    But you wouldn’t know that because you clearly know nothing about fashion beyond what’s on sale this week at Express … yet you choose to criticize people with creative fashion sense? Good lord, mainstream America baffles me. People like you, who criticize “hipsters” for being contrived, are the ones responsible for the success of the manufactured bullshit that is Lady Gaga. Sigh.