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Usher Bought Justin Bieber a Range Rover


Bieber celebrated his 16th birthday in L.A. a few weeks ago and threw a party to celebrate.  The party included all the usual “sweet 16” birthday shenanigans– cake, spankins, and that traditional teenage right of passage: receiving a Range Rover from Usher.

Kids these days are so spoiled. When I turned 16, all I got was Sisqo and a Pontiac.

In the music industry, I think it’s perfectly fine for a producer to give a Range Rover as a birthday present to a kid that’s made him millions.

But sometimes I like to pretend celebrities are everyday people and ask myself whether or not their actions would fly in the normal world. In this case: grown ass man with admitted sex addiction giving an expensive car to an unrelated, doe-eyed 16 year old boy on his birthday.


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  • I didn’t know Usher actually admitted to the sex addiction.

    And side note: I used to hate kelly but after reading molls’ posts every effing day of the week, Kelly is like an angel descended from heaven.

      • I sincerely third that. I commend the EB writers for having the guts to post under their own names, unlike a lot of other bloggers, but Molls just sucks… more than anything she comes across as jealous of the celebrities she writes about.

        Also, I miss Wendie!

  • Usher has a sex addiction? Is it like a rule of being famous? Once you get 10,000 fans you must develop one, sort of thing?

  • I think it’s kind of a disgusting reach you’re making there. Is this really the journalistic style of EB now: finding something as serious as an accusation of pedophilia in the fact that one mega-rich person gave another rich person an expensive gift?

    Now you’re in the running behind Molls as top idiot writer on this site, just after one post. And Molls is pretty hard to top in that department.

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  • Would you guys all hate me if I told you I dislike Just Bieber? I am just saying, this kid looks all cute and innocent now- but when he gets older, he will have some big issues.

    I just don’t care for this kid, in fact, I would say- I am sick of hearing about him.

  • What the hell is so special about Justin Bieber? Hes such a little fag. He sounds 12, looks 10. He thinks hes all badass and all that. Its so obvious hes been bought by usher which i think is sick. At least if he was talented no one would complain. What the hell has the world come to?

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  • Awww…how cute. Usher just bought Justin Bieber a Range Rover for his 16th birthday. Tell me, can we expect to see an episode of MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 for this monumental occasion? Yikes Read more at Huffington Post approved Blog, IMeanWhat?!? at