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How the Success of ‘Glee’ is Destroying Television

The title isn’t entirely accurate. It’s not really Glee that’s destroying television– it’s the stupidity of network TV executives who like to jump on bandwagons faster than a Duke lacrosse team on a stripper.

The huge success of Glee has led Fox network executives to believe that a Glee-style musically themed week of programs during May sweeps would be a good idea. I was dubious about the wisdom of such a move until they announced that the dark Sci-fi action / mystery series Fringe would be one of the programs to be given the Glee musical treatment. Now I know it’s a terrible idea.

“None of us ever thought that it was really going to happen,” said musically trained co-star Jasika Nicole, who plays loyal FBI agent Astrid Farnsworth, in an interview on the show’s set in Vancouver, Canada, last week. “It was just a joke. We were like, ‘Oh, yeah, Fringe should be a musical.’ Dancing and singing and goofing off and stuff. And then John says, ‘So. you know, there’s going to be a musical episode,’ and I was like, ‘Ha, ha, John,’ and he was like, ‘No, really, have you read the script?’”

The raison d’etre for the musical numbers will be a complex hallucination by the show’s resident mentally unstable genius Walter Bishop that places all the characters in a “highly symbollic” 1940’s era musical setting. Many of the show’s cast members have musical training, but that doesn’t stop this idea from having the potential to be a huge bowl of turds. Remeber that musical episode of Buffy? Say what you want about Joss Whedon’s genius, but personally, I still haven’t forgiven the universe for that one.

The show is set to air on Fox during May sweeps.

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  • Oooh, people are going to jump you for mocking the sacred musical Buffy. Advanced warning. Run and hide, poppet.

    • Oh, I knew going into it that would happen, but thanks for looking out for me :). Everybody LOVES that episode, and I just don’t get it!

  • I hate musicals. They should all be banned, alongside Glee, because really prancing around and singing 90’s tunes is hardly becoming. I’m a huge Buffy fan, and I thought the musical episode was decent, more so because the lyrics were actually funny as hell. Now Fringe going all musical on us, kind of makes me cringe – but a Fringe musical over Glee any day.

  • I loathe musicals so much. If I were an actor on Fringe I would probably straight up quit. I’d be like, “Please, kill me off. This is my dealbreaker. I would rather be unemployed.”

  • Oh come on, Buffy’s musical episode was brilliant, and I usually hate musicals. But yeah, I guess you can’t just throw in some songs in any tv show, especially if there’s not going to be some irony in it..

  • Hey ass-hole, news flash!, the Duke lacrosse team was exonerated. It was the black, crack addicted, whore who had lied. If your going to try and be witty/funny use a story-line that is applicable instead of one that makes you look like an ass. Fucking moron!

    • “…instead of one that makes you look like an ass.”

      Because you would never want to look like an ass, right, Good Lord?

    • They were exonerated of rape, but they were still hanging with a stripper. The post doesn’t say they rapped her, and the link clearly states they were exonerated. Fucking moron.

  • The buffy musical episode was EXCELLENT. Part of the reason it was so brilliant was because, through Joss Whedon’s genius, it still managed to be perfectly in tune with the tone of the show.


    A fringe musical episode sounds horrible, though.

  • I thought the Buffy musical episode was really well done, actually! But then, I also like musicals in general and would probably enjoy a musical version of any show I liked, as long as the cast had some singing training.

  • I adore Glee, and I adored the musical episode of Buffy – but this does not mean I want every television show to be all-singing all-dancing.
    You can’t just shoehorn showtunes into TV at random just because all the cool kids are doing it.

  • The Buffy musical episode was just the ultimate proof that the show was free falling with no breaks whatsoever. I haven’t forgiven the Universe either.

  • Wimps. I’m looking forward to this, Fringe has never failed to amuse me at least a little bit in every episode. Especially since this will be taking place inside the mind of my favorite mad scientist ever, Walter Bishop.