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Octomom is Losing Her House

Octomom’s house is about to be foreclosed upon. She owes $4,000 in late payments and failed to make a $450,000 balloon payment that was due on March 10th.

The $565,000 house was originally signed over to Suleman’s father, who leased the house to his daughter and agreed to pay $4,000 a month plus the single payment of $450,000 that was due on the 10th.

The person who sold the house to Suleman and holds the note has said he will give her until Tuesday to pay the two amounts, plus interest and attorney’s fees, or his lawyer will file to foreclose on the house.

With the loss of her house, Octomom will be looking for another place to shelter and raiser her 14 children. Might I suggest Zappos? I hear they have some really great deals on giant shoes.

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  • Five bucks says everyone will harp about what a horrible person the Octomom is now without mentioning that a dude who would willingly evict someone with fourteen kids who is less than 30 days in arrears is a tool.

    • The eviction will take at least 90 days and can easily be stopped if she pays. I would do the exact same thing if someone owed me $459,000 dollars and I felt that they had no ability or intention to pay. It’s not the lender’s fault that she has 14 kids.

    • This could be a good thing. :-)
      First the house goes and hopefully the children will be next on the list. Suleman was a thirty something year old woman, with no job, with six children, sponging off her parents when she got the Hollywood bug to have more children.
      Just think of the lucky couples out there, on years-long waiting list, which will benefit. Families will be made from this. Those children deserve better.
      She has money for plastic surgery then she should have money to pay her rent.

  • So someone who already couldn’t afford the six kids she had but decided to go ahead and try for multiple more should just get a pass, screwing someone else out of a good chunk of their money? I don’t see how it is fair to put the blame on the guy who isn’t getting paid.

    • Because the guy who isn’t getting paid is jumping shark? With less than 30 days, no-one would think about being on his side… except his tenant is the villainous Octomom. Yes, she’s a fucktarded imbecile who should never have spawned one, let alone 14, genetic redundancies, but she isn’t the point: the 14 homeless kids are the point. They’re already going to be fucked up enough as it is, they don’t need to be bouncing from random home to random home for the next however many years because the state of California is too PC to revoke her rights as a parent. Douchebag landlord should harass for 90 days like every other douchebag landlord on the damned planet.

      • Hey Mercy, maybe you’d like to front me 4k a month for 90 days so I can end up not paying you and trashing your house all the while. It’s obvious you’re a fucking idiot that wouldn’t know shit about ownership and making your payments on time.

      • I rarely agree with Anonymous, but this time you are absolutely correct. The business deal was struck on Octomom’s word that she would pay her bills on time.
        But, in all fairness to Mercy, she is thinking about the children involve. Mercy has more ‘mercy’ for those children than the woman who gave birth to them.

  • Mercy – Amer H. is NOT the landlord. Nadya’s dad is the landlord to Nadya! Mr. Suleman entered into a legal contract to buy the house and was generous enough to provide the loan for a year (not bad for a family w/3-4 foreclosure s already). After a few late monthly payments, no March payment and no balloon payment..,I don’t blame the seller one bit for wanting his cash now. Nads can go to state housing now and stop taking advantage of people. I will even donate cash to Amer H’s legal fund just to put a stop to Nadya’s scamming ways!!

    • Then all this shit should be directed at her father, unless there was legal paperwork claiming her to be the main inhabitant. And fine, I didn’t read closely enough to see the missed monthly payments bit, just the “…since March 10th”, and that got me, clearly, worked up. I do apologize, but I still think it’s dreadful… not her being evicted, so much as her kids being fucked yet again. How are they still in her care? It’s ridiculous.

      • I totally understand the frustration. It is a shame to see the kids get the short end of her crazy stick. Nadya was very sneaky from the beginning to brag that her money bought the house but now we find it’s titled to dear daddy. Even her car is titled to her mom. On paper she has no assets so she will be just fine collecting all her state and federal welfare & assistance checks. The kids will always be taken care of thanks to the taxpayers. It is the extra scamming she is trying to do to other people that makes me angry!

  • So her dad bought the house, seller-financed rather than with a bank loan, and leased it to Octomom. Seller hasn’t been paid. If he let’s her slide on the late rent, he’s only further delaying the actual bulk of the purchase price he was supposed to have been paid (the $450k). Kicking out a tenant takes forever, so he’s best advised to start the legal proceedings as soon as default occurs, then he can work out a settlement when they offer a reasonable one. I say don’t blame the seller – he didn’t have those babies with nowhere to house them. He has his own obligations.

  • I can’t believe no one has mentioned the hilarious and cheeky fact that Kelly used a nursery-rhyme illustration for this post.

  • She knew about this for a year. It didn’t cone as a surprise. She is estimated to have made 2 million for the photo rights last year alone. Perhaps if she hadn’t spent so much on starbucks, private school, guess & a/f clothing (not to mention lip plumping, eyelash extensions, manicures and other assorted plastic surgery) then she would have this debt paid off. Oh yes, 10k a month in round the click nannies…

    Having a gazillion kids isn’t a shield from paying your debts. While we are at it, let’s tally in the 2
    million dollar hospital bill and the money she stole from the state with her fake ” injury”.

    They had a contract. She had a year to pay it off or find alternate financing. She didn’t live up to her obligations. Now she’s trying to pass it off as her dads fault. Poor Nads, always the victim, never the reality star…

  • I agree with Laurie on this and have said we are all going to be paying for this stupid act the rest of our lives.

  • Hope you guys like her kids, because your taxes are going to go toward paying for their health and welfare, just like the rest of the fucking losers being born every day out there. I don’t feel sorry for ’em, I wish they’d never made it through the birth canal alive.

  • Boy, some of you people are unbelievably cold hearted. But go on your merry way thinking of nobody but yourselves. You refer to infants who had no say in the matter as fucking losers for being born? Wow, really?