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Real World Cast Member Files Police Report Over Toothbrush in the Toilet

I’m not really sure how to handle this story. I’m struggling to see my keyboard through tears of laughter. Maybe I’ll just start by offering this friendly piece of advice: If you’re gonna piss on someone’s toothbrush, you’d better be sure you don’t have gonorrhea.

Ryan Leslie of the current Real World: Back to New Orleans cast filed a report with N.O. police alleging that fellow Real World roommate, Preston Roberson-Charles, urinated on his toothbrush and used the instrument to scrub out a toilet.

It’s a standard (if disgusting) prank, straight out of the passive aggressive pussy’s guide to getting back at people, so why the police report? I’ll let the report itself do the explaining:

“I got into a argument with my roomate (sic) Preston. In the argument Preston stated that he was going to do something to my belongings. Preston later came in my room and took my tooth brush (sic) off the counter and scrubbed the inside of the toilet and urinated on my toothbrush. I wasn’t aware of this and continued to use my toothbrush.

I soon started to get a sore throat and began to get a fever. It was extremly (sic) painful and only got worst (sic). I went to urgent care and was tested for strep and mono. Both came back negative but I was diagnosed with a viral infection.”

Leslie was given antibiotics and a steroid shot for the pain. Police visited the Real World house and spoke with MTv producers but didn’t say whether or not any footage had been taken of the incident in question. The toothbrush however, was taken in as evidence.

No charges have been filed.

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  • Antibiotics for a VIRAL infection, and a steroid shot for THROAT PAIN? The American healthcare system is pathetic.

  • “The toothbrush however, was taken in as evidence.”


    i know this is disgusting and I honestly don’t think I could forgive someone for doing this to me.. but after the viral infection has cleared.. I’d like to think I’d find some humor it.

    And since that hasn’t happened to me (that I know of!), I can find the humor in it NOW.

  • A bully is a bully and needs be punished. As ‘adults’ if the toothbrush owner had bitch slapped the bully in retaliation ( a standard response to a ‘prank’), the bully could and probably would have pressed charges, would you be laughing at that? I think involving the police was a civil way to handle a bully and perhaps this bully will think twice about doing something so gross and not funny to the victim.

    How can you find humor in someone inflicting harm on another? You may think it is no big deal, just a prank, but what the bully did could have actually caused more damage had the toothbrush owner not gotten medical attention or even caused death. If a person with a preexisting condition gets a virus, it can kill them.

    If you want to laugh, tune into Dancing With the Stars Monday night on ABC.

    • I can assure if, if said victim had died I would not find this funny.

      And there is no way in hell I am ever watching Dancing With the Stars because that show is a virus and if I have an “pre-existing condition”, that could kill me!

    • I agree. This is totally an evil, sick act. This was done to me by my sister as a teen, then in her thirties she threw my son’s toothbrush in the kitty litter box thinking it was mine. when I confronted her about the latest incident she said “I was going through a divorce, I was trying to protect my kids”. So I guess if we are in pain, it’s ok to inflict torment on others? The ironic thing about all this is that I was always there for her, always nice to her and she has always been a bully to me, always in private of course. I never told my family (Dad) about this because I was so embarrased for her. He continues to defend her and has no idea how mean she can be. How is this protecting her children?

  • is this actually airing now or just filming? I remember watching the New Orleans season (one of my last) but neither of the names are ringing a bell….