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Mackenzie Phillips Went and Wrecked Her Face

Mackenzie Phillips has been in the news quite a bit this year for shocking (but not so shocking) behavior. First she went on Oprah to talk about her consensual sexual relationship with her now deceased father, then she wound up on Celebrity Rehab. Well, here’s another one to add to the list: Homegirl got a new face.

In the spirit of Heidi Montag and bitches with low self-esteem everywhere, Mackenzie went and ruined her appropriately aged face by filling full of rat testicles and stapling it in places where faces shouldn’t be stapled. I’m all for plastic surgery, especially when it’s used to fix a legitimate problem, but unnecessary nips and tucks like this drive me nuts. Doesn’t it bother someone to know that everyone else knows their face is faux?

Check out a preview of her new mug in the clip from E! News up top.

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  • hmm……true…….but her motive was to have her outsides match her new healthier insides…..can’t blame the gal for trying. she’s way more deserving of cosmetic surgery than the young, rich floozies. i love her gracious heart and really hope she sticks with sobriety. GO MAC!

    • except before she was pretty so I guess her outsides now match her unhealthy insides
      (i.e. insecurity and lack of self worth).

      • pretty? did you actually say pretty? on what planet? maybe the bizarro planet or somewhere in the twilight zone!

  • If it makes her feel better about herself, that’s great. However, for $50,000 I would have expected more. I don’t see fifty grand worth of improvement to her face.

  • If she fixed her teeth (which she did) $50,000 is actually pretty appropriate, especially if she got veneers. Plus she claims she got a bunch of fillers and shit too. Doesn’t look like she went too extreme though. It’s not like she got chin implants, nose job, tittay lift, etc. I think she looks good and I think she deserves it. After years of major major drug abuse she wore her self down on the outside as well as in. Drugs don’t make you pretty so you can imagine how nice she would have aged without the heroin?
    So I understand where she is coming from. It’s the same as a Meth head getting clean and wanting to fix their rotted teeth. What sober person wants to look like a crack head when they smile?

    • that loser was ugly since birth. way before daddy supposedly chased her around with a needle against her will. if you dont want to look like a junkie dont be one. she’s an ugly, ugly woman and needs a paper bag over her head.

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  • Y’know, while watching this last season of Celebrity Rehab, she didn’t seem to look that bad to me as to where one would think she needed to get cosmetic surgery. But then again, nobody really looks that bad when they’re standing next to Heidi Fleiss.