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Tina Fey is Hot, Thought You Knew

Tina Fey is KILLING IT in this month’s Esquire. Killing it. Of course the interview is funny as hell (On what she thinks Twitter seems like: “a busman’s holiday: just more writing. I have no plans to do it. I’ll just stick with my 24/7 webcam. I’m old-fashioned that way.” and what she thinks will happen to her level of fame: “[It] will drop back down. I think it’ll recede. In fact, I know it will. That’s life on planet earth. And I’m okay with that. Besides getting tables at restaurants and special treatment at the airport, what else is there?), but she’s also hot. Hotter than usual. Smokin’. The photos are to die for. Check ’em out.

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  • in order to see the pictures it would be quite helpful if you would include a link to the Esquire article in your piece. or perhaps post some of the other pictures here.

  • I LOVE Tina Fey and think she is amazingly funny, intelligent and beautiful but photo shop seriously worked some magic with these pictures. Not hating, cause she still looks better then I ever could. I’m just saying…

  • Tina Fey’s man face is not hot… a nod of respect to photoshop for doin as good as it did.

  • Something to add to the list of things I know about Tina Fey:
    1. Not hot.

    The tranny-face ruins it all. Anyway, here’s my whole list now:

    Things I know about Tina Fey:
    1. Not funny.
    2. Not hot.

    Strange that, in spite of this, she’s somehow better than most of the garbage in Hollywood.

  • Love her! And I love that they finally sexed her up in a photo shoot. Everything else has been so mild. It’s time she got her share of photoshopping!

  • I love Tina Fey!!! It’s just too bad that Molls’ writing is horrible. Seriously, how are you still employed?

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  • They’re making Tina Fey less and less attractive in “30 Rock”. I’m glad to see her turn it around for a different project, Photoshop aside.

    And personally, Molls, I think you and the other writers are very entertaining.

  • Tina rules. She’s hotter than you flubs. And she’s smart and adorable and I love her.

    Also, for the record — Molls —

    While you HAVE made your share of mistakes in your past writing, you have quite the admirably thick skin for dealing with these readers’ snarkiness. It’s just so totally easy to bitch when all one has to do is type while eating grilled cheese in one’s old gardening clothes.