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Lil Wayne Has Eight Root Canals in One Day to Prepare For Prison

Rappers usually brag about having been shot to show how tough they are, but I think Lil Wayne has the one thing that can top them all: Homeboy sat through eight root canals in just one day so that his mouth would be prepared for prison. They also fixed up Weezey’s grill and replaced some bad implants. It’s said that he has very few of his original teeth remaining.

The dental surgery was so important that Wayne was given a week-long extension to recover before he starts his one-year sentence for felony attempted gun possession. He will now start his sentence on March 2nd. I miss him already.

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  • That’s fucking disgusting. I’m sorry, but anyone who can’t take care of their teeth shouldn’t fucking have any. Gross.

  • I’ve had 2- they don’t really hurt, but they take a long time. I love Lil Wayne.

    Just read your bedbug piece with the photos- really funny and you look adorable even with the bites:)

  • At first I would argue that maybe as a result of growing up poor he couldn’t afford dental work, but after he made all that money, I wonder what was taking him so long?

    Eight root canals? How does someone not notice how bad their teeth are? When your teeth are decaying like that, they give off quite a smell. I can only imagine how nasty eight of them were. Blech.

  • I think a lot of teeth problems are genetic. Some people just have bad, “weak” teeth.

    I’m 34 and I’ve never had a cavity; my older brother and younger sister have never had a cavity either. We all have “strong” teeth. I had 2 wisdom teeth removed when I was 20. The doctor told me he had never battled that hard to get teeth out in his 35 year career. He literally chipped them out piece by piece for four hours (he scheduled me for a 45 minute removal). I was awake for the whole frickin ordeal. It was traumatizing. A couple of days after the removal it looked like someone beat the shit out of me because my face was bruised so badly.

  • I had a root canal once. It was one of the most painful things I’ve ever experienced. When my husband asked me how it was I told him, “I feel like my mouth was just raped by sharp things.”

  • You canNOT have a dental implant procedure completed in one day. It takes MONTHS. I just finished ONE implant and the entire procedure was done from March to September. I’ve had several root canals. I brush and floss daily but was unlucky enough to just have bad teeth. I think it was just a ploy to keep his sorry butt out of prison as long as possible. Convicts get better dental/health care than civilians; at least taxpayers would have footed the bill had he had the work done after he was locked up.